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Ashley Winchester Aug 2, 2016

Earlier this year I broke one of my personal rules I had abided by for quite a few years: not using social media. So I signed up for Facebook.

Everything was fine at first. Things kind of went sideways when my cousin wanted to be my friend because I don't give a crap about her stupid **** (and this feeling only increased when she used the payout from her brother's life insurance policy to buy herself that huge, new house that will nickle and dime her for years to come via taxes, very smart) and within a few weeks I just grew insanely bored and uninterested in the whole thing.

I'm sure some might take issue that I don't care about my cousin's stuff, and yeah, valid point, but at the same time I couldn't help but feel who gives a crap about my stuff? And I'm not trying to come at this from a "woe is me" standpoint but really, typing "updates" just feels pretty damn pointless to me. Granted I'm not typing insipid crap like "I just ate a good bagel!" but in the scheme of things most of this doesn't matter.

I'm I the only one who thinks this stuff really doesn't connect anyone? I'm sure that's not really an original point of view and again, I realize I don't have the most outgoing or welcoming personality but to be honest when I avoided social media this is how I though I'd feel if I used it. Did i kind of derail my experience by having a preconceived notion or do I see social media for what it is, an online distraction?

raynebc Aug 2, 2016

I have some social media accounts but I almost entirely ignore them and almost never post anything there.  Lots of my friends and relatives are into it, but I consider it a time sink.

vert1 Aug 2, 2016

Besides the massive privacy violation, it is okay. Nice to see what distant friends are up to.

Ashley Winchester Aug 2, 2016 (edited Aug 2, 2016)

longhairmike wrote:

friends smhmeds,, its all about funny memes

Why does this remind me of the Mexican governor who wanted to outlaw memes? I mean talk about picking your battles, you have all that drug violence and you want to go after memes? I guess you have to go after something you can possibly stop I guess.

Amazingu Aug 2, 2016

I have a Twitter account and a Facebook account, but I don't post very much.
I like reading my timelines though. I think I've mostly grown tired of Facebook, but I still quite enjoy reading Twitter. There's a lot of funny and insightful stuff on there if you follow people/companies/sites you like.

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