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Rrolack Dec 26, 2016 (edited Dec 26, 2016)

I'm making this post as a follow-up to last year's thread, Lack of success with eBay sales.  Since then, I've sold 40 albums there, and my thoughts on eBay as a seller's venue have completely turned around.  Below, I discuss some of the reasons for this.

First and foremost, my listings on eBay are fetching solid prices.  Here are a few examples of albums I've sold, all using Buy it Now:

- Phantasy Star Sound Collection I: $80

- Bare Knuckle: $40 (complete, with a very noticeable scratch on the obi)

- Brandish Piano Collection: $40 (with obi)

- Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy CD: $27.50 (with obi)

- Game Sound Museum ~Metroid~: $35

These are much better prices than I'd expect to get here or on vgmdb.  This makes sense to me, as the average eBayer doesn't have access to YJA, and also isn't looking to go through the hassle of "sign up for a proxy, search for albums in Japanese, ...".  They just want an album here and there at an okay price.  Even if they knew about YJA, they'd be willing to pay extra to sidestep that whole process.

Other reasons I've been favoring eBay include:

- Buyers on eBay rarely ask questions.  This saves time.
- eBay will print a shipping label for you, with the correct postage.  No need to write the address yourself, break out the stamps, or go to the post office.

As a side-note: the ability to fetch good prices on eBay has changed my risk appetite as a collector.  In general, I'm looking for albums that are complete and in really nice condition.  However, at the right price, I'll now buy albums from suruga-ya, which gives no indication at all about album completeness.  If the album comes in complete, then great!  And if it doesn't, I can sell it on eBay and break even after all fees.

That said, this only works for albums where there is some demand outside of Japan.  I probably wouldn't try this with a Shin Megami Tensei album, for example.

Ashley Winchester Dec 26, 2016

Rrolack wrote:

- Game Sound Museum ~Metroid~: $35

Wish I could have nabbed this for around that when I got my copy. I paid a good chunk more, but then I was buying from a Japanese seller.

The_Paladin Dec 26, 2016

You've gotten very lucky then I suppose.  I really haven't been listing much, but when I do it tends to be nothing but problems.

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