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Bernhardt Feb 17, 2011 (edited Feb 17, 2011)

brandonk wrote:
Angela wrote:

So, anyone picked up the just-released XBLA version?  I'll have impressions up in a bit, but I just had to comment on the music.  Daisuke Ishiwatari's on board, and from what I've heard, he's belted out one shredtastic score.  Most of the pieces are newly composed, but he's done up some pretty bitchin' arrangements of the classic Title, Jungle, Base Boss, and Stage Clear themes.  Check 'em out:

Title & Jungle:

Base Boss & Stage Clear:

p.s. Angela - rookie question, but how are you uploading those vids with a simple backdrop?  Using something like Adobe Premiere?

Well, I'm not Angela, but I can tell you that you can do that using Windows Movie Maker...I do that regularly.

Angela Feb 19, 2011

brandonk wrote:

[Angela - rookie question, but how are you uploading those vids with a simple backdrop?  Using something like Adobe Premiere?

Adobe's one way, certainly, but yeah, as Bernhardt said, Windows Movie Maker can do it as well.  Movie Maker's probably the easiest way to go about it.

XLord007 Feb 19, 2011

I put the demo through its paces and I liked it enough that I plan to buy it when it (a) comes to PSN and (b) drops to $10 or less.  I don't like the anime art style (doesn't feel like Contra), your character's default movement speed is way too slow (thank goodness for the dash), and the default gun is too weak, but otherwise it's pretty fun and I generally enjoyed the demo.  That said, I miss the over-the-top absurd story elements found in Neo Contra and Contra ReBirth (both of which are a lot better than this).

Sami Feb 20, 2011

Smeg wrote:

Hard Corps always featured anime art, although it may not have translated well to the in-game sprites:

That's anime. Uprising is animu.

XLord007 Feb 21, 2011

Smeg wrote:

although it may not have translated well to the in-game sprites

Yeah, I was referring to the in-game look specifically.

Angela Mar 27, 2011

Hope you don't mind, Pellasos, but I'm gonna bump this topic with your recent post from this thread.

Pellasos wrote:

been rocking some hard corps: uprising (contra) lately. i'm too lazy to type more, but that game exceeded my expectations by a large margin.

Wild ride, ain't it?  Brutally challenging, and I've admittedly only gotten to see the majority of the game thanks to my inhumanly experienced co-op partner.  The game is ridiculously lengthy for a Contra title, which is nice, if a bit disconcerting and fatigue-inducing for even a series vet such as myself.  It's also a tad too boss rush heavy for my tastes, but some of these set pieces are crazy awesome.  (Dat Capital Railway stage..... o_O)

And I never thought I'd see stealth elements in a Contra title.

Pellasos Mar 27, 2011

yes, but i think the rising mode is pretty fair. you play as far as you get and make cash in the process, which grants you access to better abilities and weapons. i think it can be beaten by the majority of people that way, as long as they're committed enough to do so.

i don't know what to think about the small stealth section yet. it's obviously a metal gear reference and you're not forced to play stealthy. it's hard to be bothered by that. i noticed some castlevania at the end and i'm sure you can find more if you're into konami games.

what do you think about the soundtrack? the re-arranged boss track near the end got me pumped up! it's hard for me criticize this game.

Sami Jul 5, 2011 (edited Jul 5, 2011)

Haha, oh wow. I almost clicked on it.

On topic, I can't quite get into this soundtrack. It just sounds so generic guitar rock, not the ballsy Contra stuff that Yamaoka, Fujimori and virt put out, and nowhere near the best Guilty Gear stuff either. Then again, I also wasn't too keen on Blazblue music, it just lacked that Guilty Gear catchiness. Ishiwatari seems to have lost the touch as of late.

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