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XISMZERO Oct 3, 2012

A little more variation in style and arrangers this time but it's all lacking... the rock tracks sound like they will lack any surprises.

The Techno? The same... sounds a little more varied than 20th and Hosoe's embarrassingly shallow sound design for that one.

Yeah, Wily Stage 1 from RM2 is an amazing source track but it's ridiculous it's back... twice.

Don't know why they need to waste time themeing both albums. Why can't they just come up with popular styles that accentuate the original music and the arrangers? Until they do, they will never pledge anniversary "spirit" to the original tunes.

While I don't want to disparage the arrangers here, when I hear "anniversary" I expect some more veterans. They, again, got a questionable band here.

Zane Oct 15, 2012

Both the Techno and Rock albums have been uploaded on Youtube in their entirety for anyone who wants to sample!

Smeg Oct 22, 2012

Haven't gotten around to the "techno" album yet (I'm apprehensive), but the "rock" one (is it really rock just because it has a guitar or two?) has been pleasantly surprising. The MM2 Wily track disappoints, but I'm finding the rest to be very creative. I think impressions would be much more positive had this been a doujin/fan album, but because of its status as an "official" product, there's a certain expectation for "definitive" interpretations. As it is, I'm having a lot of fun with this one.

GoldfishX Oct 22, 2012 (edited Oct 22, 2012)

I've messed around with the "full" samples for the rock arrange somewhat.

-First two tracks are good, as expected.

-That REALLY doesn't sound like Metalman's theme. Which defeats the purpose of listening to an arrange of Metalman's theme. Mind you, the actual music that's there isn't bad and still listenable as a piece of instrumental rock, but the approach is irritating.

-That MM2 Wily Stage 1 track is REALLY boring.

-Darkman Stage is awful, as expected. Then again, I hate this type of noisy alt-rock, so mileage may vary.

-Wasi's track is surprisingly satisfying for basically being an SSH-style straight mix of both pieces.

-MM8 track is a mixed bag. The familiar electronica/keyboard part in the first minute is way more interesting than the actual rock part, which feels tacked on. Wasn't feeling that whole mess of solos in the middle. Just kind of makes me want to revisit the original track.

-Both Chiba tracks are fun, needed more than the one-minute or so samples. Galaxyman is probably the best song on the disc. The backing guitars feel too heavy for Splashwoman, but it's a solid arrange of an unremarkable original.

-If Hirota's track was on the Shadow Hearts arrange album, it might make more sense. It's not bad for what it is I guess, but not something I'm ever going to voluntarily listen to.

-I'll take the MM3 Wily Boss part of the Boss medley and skip the rest.

-MM3 ending isn't as bad as the opening vocals first indicate, it's just mostly boring. Those vocals though...idiotic.

Not the outright trainwreck I was expecting, but nothing to get terribly excited about and too many "mixed bag" tracks. I'd say it's about on par with the 20th Ann. album.

LiquidAcid Oct 24, 2012

GoldfishX wrote:

MM3 ending isn't as bad as the opening vocals first indicate, it's just mostly boring. Those vocals though...idiotic.

Shows how much taste can differ, but for me the vocals really make the track what it is. Probably my favorite track from the album. smile

GoldfishX Oct 24, 2012

They felt random. I heard them in the initial sample and was like, "maybe they work better on the full piece". Still felt random after hearing the whole thing. I kind of like how Mitsuda uses vocals for example, but I didn't think they added anything to the arrangement.

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