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Ashley Winchester Aug 26, 2016

I've been sorting through all the items in my room and I stumbled into something I completely forgot about.

A few years ago I bought about 3 to 5 boxes of 1993 Score Baseball. I was looking for the Derek Jeter rookie card as it was the only Jeter RC my dad didn't have. That Christmas I gave my dad two Jeter rookies, however, I pulled more than two from all those packs/boxes.

Of course I had a third one as I needed one to complete the 660 card set which is another reason I bought the boxes (I like that set of cards), but I COMPLETELY forgot I pulled 5 more of these things! Yeah, pulling 8 Jeter rookies (which are valued at $25 a piece) out of that amount of boxes (plus some of the Franchise insert cards I got) I got my money out of those boxes.

I know I planned to give him these cards on a later holiday/birthday, but completely space on having them. It was great stumbling upon them as I can easily use these in a few months.

Has anyone else done something else similar?

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