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vert1 Mar 16, 2012

This is a thread where we come up with future annoyances in videogames that companies may pull on us.

My annoyance will be that next-gen systems will have games that force you to watch advertisements for the companies upcoming games before you can play the game you bought.

vert1 Mar 16, 2012

LOL. That reminds me of Chad Warden's commentary on the Wii controller. That would be so gross. Imagine the health warning screen "Remember to clean controller after each use".

Ashley Winchester Mar 16, 2012

Okay, I'll bite.

Presented with the title of this topic I'm reminded of a - rather terrible - article on Gamespot about the next XBox. The article wasn't very precise and seemed like a lot of hearsay but among the things listed was the new XBox wouldn't play used games.

I'm not sure what that would exactly entail - again, the piece was completely short on details - but if it was implemented it would probably work a lot like how you have to buy online/multiplayer codes for used EA games only it would cost a lot more.

Anyway, if they (or any other company) were to try something so draconian I simply wouldn't buy that system. In Microsoft's case there hasn't been anything that's made me want one of their consoles yet so I'm not worried. What I am worried about the further along we get with games the further we get away from what's on the disc (hard copy) being the final product. I'm all for bug fixes but who's to say that today's DLC will be available tomorrow (outside re-releases w/the DLC.)

I understand the desire to make more profit, and I would usually endorse anything that undermines Gamestop, but I don't like making the second-hand market more intangible even though I kind of hate the second hand market. Too many people thrash the hell out of their stuff...

That said, I think that article was rubbish... but I like that it made me think about what it proposed.

Ashley Winchester Mar 16, 2012

longhairmike wrote:

the wii prostate fitness controller...

Naw... when it comes to the wii mote I've always imagined a more straightforward approach:

Super Mario: Sexual Education

"Safe sex starts with Mario in the home."

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