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Rrolack Nov 22, 2014

It's pretty clear that soundtracks command higher prices with an obi than without.  Particularly for older, OOP stuff (e.g. Super Mario World), where most sales don't include the obi, how much of a premium does the obi usually command?

For example, if Super Mario World seems to fetch $125 or so without obi, how much would one expect a "with obi" copy to be worth?  Could it be as much as 2x, or even more?

I'll mention that in my case, I'm really only interested in a soundtrack if it includes the obi.  That's probably the kind of attitude that pushes prices up smile

jb Nov 22, 2014

It's worth whatever you're willing to pay for it.  There is no hard value or set price. I personally see no point in harping over the OBI or whether it's sealed or not because I care about the contents, not about the entire package.  If it has one, cool, if it doesn't, no big deal.  I'm also not going to pay exorbitant prices for something just because it has one or is sealed.

vert1 Nov 22, 2014

For me: 25%.

I haven't been paying attention to yahoo japan prices lately. It's a good question.

Ashley Winchester Nov 22, 2014

jb wrote:

It's worth whatever you're willing to pay for it.

Pretty much this.

When I started collecting I wasn't really hung up on having the OBI... over the course of seven or eight years it became more important for some reason. Probably the fact that everyone wants to know if it is included if you sell an album.

However, I will say this... the one import Nightwish CD I bought way prior to collecting VGM I did keep the OBI for it. I had no idea what "it" was even called It just seemed like the natural thing to do. I wish all territories used OBIs to be honest... so much better than the dumb labels we have to peel off the case in other countries.

Jodo Kast Nov 23, 2014

The greatest disparity in price I've witnessed between an obi-laden and an obi-lacking copy is Solid Snake: Metal Gear 2. Sans obi, one can expect to nab it for 5,000 yen or less. But obi equipped, one can expect to see a starting price of 20,000 yen. I got one without an obi, but with a sticker, for less than 5,000 yen. Apparently, the obi is far more valuable than the sticker. Sometimes the obi does have information not to be found anywhere on the album (like the release date). I've seen this on This is NAMCO!, Sonic & Knuckles: Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and I would suspect that Symphonic Poem Gradius III only has the release date printed on the obi, since it's not printed anywhere on my obi-lacking copy (and I do have the box).

I like to always obtain albums with the obi because it sometimes contains odd information. As an example, All Sounds of Zavas is named All Songs of Zavas on the obi. Plus you can see advertisements for albums you didn't know about.

If I've never heard an album and there's no way to trade for it, or even to download it (like Famicle Parodic 2 or Chachamaru Game Music), then I'll buy it regardless of condition and even regardless of price (within reason). There's nothing like this left (for me) because Chachamaru was the last of the last of the obscurities, so I really just spend my collecting time looking for verified quality albums.

Rrolack Nov 23, 2014

Thanks everyone for the perspectives, and please keep them coming!

As far as why I care about the obi, it's for a few reasons:

-- I store my albums stored in resealable bags, and so I'll keep the obi on the spine of the album itself, rather than under the tray.  For display purposes, the albums look a lot cooler with the obi displayed than without.  I care enough about this to always seek Japanese rather than non-Japanese pressings, pretty much only because of the obi.  And in fact, if an album was issued without an obi to begin with, I find that disappointing smile

-- Most of the albums I have, I don't even need to buy the soundtrack to hear.  All of the music I care about is available in native nsfe, vgm, spc, miniusf, etc. format.  So if I'm buying the soundtrack, I'm buying it more as a collector than a listener.  And as a collector, I want the album as it was originally issued: original discs, liner notes, jewel case, and the obi.  That said, I don't go so far as to care about comment cards or external stickers.

It's not too surprising to me that albums "with obi" are so sought after.  While the obi is certainly less important than the disc itself, it is a lot rarer as well (as most older albums don't include it).  And for collecting, rarity definitely matters.

LuxKiller65 Nov 27, 2014

Yeah for a lot of older releases, the obi is hard to find. You can find the album in good condition no problem, but if you want the following:
- Obi
- Registration card
- Other bonus originally included, such as a sticker or whatever
Then you need more patience and money.

I don't think it's the obi only. For me, the registration card is a similar - if not greater - nightmare. Very hard to find for some older albums.

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