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XISMZERO Feb 9, 2015 (edited Feb 10, 2015)

Saw this on eBay and for good graciousness, I wish I could intercept this buyer and tell him he can get a brand-new copy over at CD Japan, hell, has them for around $20, sealed, genuine. What are the moral bearings on the seller, somebody tipping off the buyer? … 20f60ee141

raynebc Feb 9, 2015

Ebay doesn't give a ****.  Years ago I got my original account there banned for contacting a bidder to let him know the item was a bootleg and the seller complained.

Ashley Winchester Feb 9, 2015 (edited Feb 9, 2015)

raynebc wrote:

Ebay doesn't give a ****.

Pretty much this. EBay only cares about bootleg products if they're being sued by the copyright holder of the real thing.

I remember reading about a company that made handbags suing eBay over the bootlegs cropping up on their site. I think they won... but again eBay only cared because they were forced to.


This reminds me of the time a person on eBay was selling the Wild Arms 1,2 and 3 soundtracks together for $300 saying that were "rare." Sure... they're so rare they still in freakin' print and would cost you less than $100 new. That person was a real scum sucker...

The_Paladin Feb 10, 2015

I've reported items as bootlegs forever, but unless you're the copyright holder you can't do anything and they won't do anything.  I've then attempted a few times contacting sellers (particularly if I think they are unaware) that their items are bootlegs.  The results are either people don't care, people didn't know and at least seem appreciative of information, but also I've had a couple refuse to admit they are bootlegs despite not knowing nearly as much about them as I do.  At least there aren't nearly as many bootlegs as there used to be 10 years ago.

avatar! Feb 10, 2015

If anyone reports it to ebay as a bootleg (which someone should) I would like to see if they take it off. Paladin, perhaps they're better these days (yeah, I'm skeptical too, but who knows).

The_Paladin Feb 10, 2015

Well my messaging people was over the past two years, and the ones taken down were by the seller themselves and not ebay itself.

XISMZERO Feb 10, 2015 (edited Feb 10, 2015)

Update: I decided to report the listing and provide the catalog number. The jerk (ok, maybe he really is unaware) also exclaims this is a "Japan Import". I would love to inform the buyer, but I use eBay regularly so I can't cross that line. Let me say finding legit VGM on eBay has gotten much better thanks to many Japan sellers doing business on eBay now. Their prices are often higher than champs (and his stupid one-size fits all shipping charge of $12), but still better than seeing listings of endless bootlegs.

The_Paladin Feb 10, 2015

So, this is the longest exchange I had (not sure how you would find the buyer on an item since they protect that, but contacting seller I don't see any real risk as long as you're not making threats)...

From: x
To: powerupvideogames
Subject: Other: x sent a message about .Hack // Sign: Original Sound & Song Track 1 Soundtrack Music CD Complete Dot #281335786245
Sent Date: May-13-14 04:17:10 PDT

Dear powerupvideogames,

So, this and a bunch of your other bulk listing of "authentic official" releases are in fact bootlegs. It really devalues your actual official releases when you make a blanket statement which is indeed false. Would you like to know how to identify them? Because I will.

From: powerupvideogames
To: x
Subject: Re: Other: x sent a message about .Hack // Sign: Original Sound & Song Track 1 Soundtrack Music CD Complete Dot #281335786245
Sent Date: May-13-14 08:36:21 PDT

Dear x,

Please show me then.

The only two that have possible issues are the two .hacks.

Please show me as I am certain the others are authentic.

What other cds have ANY issues? I would really like to know.

- powerupvideogames

From: x
To: powerupvideogames
Subject: Re: Other: x sent a message about .Hack // Sign: Original Sound & Song Track 1 Soundtrack Music CD Complete Dot #281335786245
Sent Date: May-13-14 13:13:44 PDT

Dear powerupvideogames,

Going from newest listed: Zone of the Enders (bootleg), Perfect Collection Ys IV The Dawn of Ys Vol. 2 (appears legit except booklet cover is not correct, not sure what exactly was done), Soul Calibur (bootleg), Sonic Adventure Songs with Attitude (bootleg), Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Collections (bootleg), Sonic Adventure 1 Soundtrack (bootleg), Neon Genesis Evangelion (bootleg), Metal Gear Solid 3 Original Soundtrack (too blurry a pic to confirm for certain, but the case uses green plastic in the original. if your copy's spine has anything other than KOLA-089~90, it is bootleg), Metal Gear Solid 2 (both ost 1 and 2 are bootleg), Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Orchestrations (bootleg), Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks (bootleg), I cannot see close enough to FFX, FFVII or FFVIII soundtracks to tell, but if their catalogs don't start with either SSCX or SQEX then they are bootleg, the Final Fantasy Tactics priced at 29.99 is bootleg while the other is legit, Akumajo Dracula Best 2 (bootleg), Castlevania Dracula X Symphony of Night Soundtrack (bootleg), Castlevania Chronicles (bootleg), and while I think you pulled them, yes the .hack ost 1&2 were bootleg as well.

SM (sonmay), Ever Anime, Miya, Alion are all bootleg "labels"... if a catalog starts with KO-, A&G-, GAME-, GM-, MICA-, SMG- you are seeing a bootleg. Alion has ALCA- but that was also a legitimate catalog for Alfa Records.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

- x

From: powerupvideogames
To: x
Subject: Re: Other: x sent a message about .Hack // Sign: Original Sound & Song Track 1 Soundtrack Music CD Complete Dot #281335786245
Sent Date: May-13-14 14:41:07 PDT

Dear x,

Those Ys collections are absolutely not bootleg. What makes you think they are?

The songs with attitude is not bootleg, again, what makes you think it is?

Several others you mentioned are 100 percent not bootleg.

Please explain why you think these are not authentic, it makes no sense to me.

I purchased most of the soundtracks you see up for sale brand new and opened them myself.

- powerupvideogames

Dear powerupvideogames,

So, being more specific: Z.O.E catalog is actually KMCA-98, Soul Calibur is actually a disc and a mini disc and in a cardboard sleeve and its catalog is APCG-9006, Sonic Adventure Songs with attitude is actually MJCA-00039, SA2 Vocal Collection is actually MJCG-80074, Sonic Adventure OST is actually MJCA-00034, Neon Genesis Evangelion is actually KICA-286, Metal Gear Solid 3, again is actually KOLA-089~90, Metal Gear Solid 2 OST 1 is actually KMCA-127 and OST 2 is KMCA-144, Majora's Mask Orchestrations is actually FMCN-1003 and there is no art on the cover just a solid blue case with a sticker (I will eventually be listing a still sealed copy if you are interested), FFVII Reunion Tracks has two legitimate pressings which are SSCX-10012 and SQEX-10042, you already have one legitimate copy of FF Tactics so you can read the SSCX-10008, Dracula Best 2 also has two legitimate pressings which are KICA-7506~7 and KICA-7902~3, Symphony of the Night is actually KICA-7760, Castlevania Chronicle is actually KMCA-104~5 , and for posterity .hack had US pressings but the original Japanese catalogs were VICL-60905 for ost 1 and VICL-60906 for ost 2.

- x

They stopped responding and did not pull the auctions after that =P

XISMZERO Feb 10, 2015

The_Paladin wrote:

So, this is the longest exchange I had...

*slow clap* Indeed, sir.

GoldfishX Feb 10, 2015

I admire the effort, but I feel like a lot of us put forth a lot of effort to do this awhile ago (10-15 years ago, when these CD's were rampant) and ultimately, I ended up feeling like it was the responsibility of the original copyright holders to step in and do something. I felt like we were fighting their battles for them.

When Dreamcast piracy was rampant, Sega stepped in and did something almost immediately. Granted, they went overboard (banning the sale of all import games!), but it shows how quickly ebay will act when forced.

Ramza Feb 10, 2015

IMO, the part that he needed to hear a response to the second time around:

"I purchased most of the soundtracks you see up for sale brand new and opened them myself."

My response would be:

"Just because an item is new and in shrink wrap does *not* mean it is not bootlegged. The Taiwanese bootleg CDs are packaged to be as close to authentic as possible, and that includes the works of obis and plastic wraps. The catalog number is the best way to know the difference. Your catalog numbers trace the items back to bootleg Taiwanese publishers, end of story."

The_Paladin Feb 10, 2015

Yeah that line really got me too.  The most baffling thing really was the Perfect Collection Ys IV Vol.2; he was selling the legit vol.1 and vol. 3 as well, and the back and spine of vol. 2 were correct but the booklet cover IIRC was mostly solid gray it was very odd.

To speak to Goldfish's point, yes we were fighting a fight that essentially wasn't ours and Japan as a whole gave up on ebay so they couldn't have cared less.  At the time though it made finding legit soundtracks on ebay next to impossible and drove down the value on ones that were.  Digital piracy has killed a majority of cd and dvd bootleggers in China which is why ebay is much clearer, so the issue is even more minor now.  I'll still message sellers when they misrepresent what they are selling by using "Japan", "authentic", "official", etc. on bootlegs but if they come out and say it's Ever Anime I leave it at the buyers that should have done their due diligence before buying.

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