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Jon Turner Dec 12, 2015

I feel like the website hasn't been open for submissions these days.  I wanted to submit a new soundtrack review but it seems like the administrator hasn't been around for awhile.  Is there any way I can prepare a new review?  The XBCX one was only a draft at most.

FuryofFrog Dec 13, 2015

Adam Corn wrote:

The review policy up till now has been people submit a review (and album info if needed), then I edit it for grammar and readability and publish it.  The review submission form won't be up at launch and I'm debating whether to stop editing reviews altogether and devise a system where people submit the review, it automatically goes on the forums, and if the writing is up to snuff (I'm not hugely demanding here) it gets republished as-is on the album's page.  That's the idea anyway.

This was about a year ago. I think if you e-mail it to Adam he will go through the necessary process to post said review.

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