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Soto Jan 22, 2006

I still don't understand the draw to this OST, nor why it should ever sell for anywhere as near as much as it once did.  The one track I really remember enjoying was that battle theme that became the thematic basis for the Estpolis 3 demo that never came to fruition.  Otherwise, there wasn't much that really impressed me.

GoldfishX Jan 22, 2006

Just as a fair warning...The Lufia 2 tracks do not loop on the reprint version. That has held off my actual purchase of it indefinitely, as it makes zero sense, considering the Lufia 2 tracks did loop on the original and the set has been expanded to 4 discs (the Gameboy score only has me mildly interested). Too bad...I was hoping they would get this off without a hitch...Between the mildly improved sound quality, the inclusion of the GBC game's music the two arrangements and the move from 3 to 4 discs, they ended up hurting the main reason I had for getting it.

Shiono does make some of the best battle themes around...The ones for Lufia 2 were probably my favorites from the SNES days. Otherwise, his style falls somewhere between "safe" and "distinct", as I've heard similarities to Lufia in his other works on various SPC sets.

Qui-Gon Joe Jan 22, 2006

GoldfishX wrote:

Just as a fair warning...The Lufia 2 tracks do not loop on the reprint version.

That seems incredibly stupid to me.  Argh!  I might still get the set anyway, but that's extremely disappointing to me.  :(

bishop743 Jan 22, 2006

I purchased this album, and even though I was a bit disappointed by the lack of looped tracks from the Lufia II songs, I still feel that the purchase was a worthy one. I've wanted to buy the original print for so long but it's either so hard to find or way too expensive. I'm just happy that a re-issued, affordable release has finally come out. If you're a fan of the music at all, don't let the lack of looped songs deter you. It's full of graet nostalgia and the two arrange tracks are great.

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