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Abrahm Jan 24, 2006

...but not the standard cases.

The Vampire Savior soundtrack is kept in the thick, white, two-tray case.  It's the same for the Sonic Adventure OST.  I need those cases replaced because each is missing a hinge after they were dropped (yes, the discs are still in pristine condition).

I'm not usually so anal about something like this.  But every time I look at my collection -- every time I focus on those cases -- I see those missing hinges and, well...

As far as I know, the cases can't be purchased at normal music stores (or, at least, none in my area).  Can they be replaced?  Where can I buy them?

csK Jan 24, 2006

I know how you feel about the cases; I always think that I'm going to go through them one day and just replace all of the scratched or otherwise non-pristine ones.  I never get around to it though!

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