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DeroZorro Mar 31, 2011 (edited Mar 31, 2011)

I was just about to buy a soundtrack from a Japanese seller on ebay before the radiation issue crossed my mind. Do you think it could be a problem? I think Europe (maybe I'm wrong) isn't allowing exports from Japan anymore. Though, I'm in America and I don't know if the US is doing anything about Japan exports.

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 31, 2011

Reeeeeeeeeeeally shouldn't be a problem.  If you live in the area primarily affected by radiation, I don't think international CD sales are your first priority right now.

Cedille Mar 31, 2011

Depending on by a problem what do you mean. Are BBC and CNN spreading craps like anything from Japan is polluted with radiation?

Push It Mar 31, 2011

Not sure if radiation will be a problem down the line for Japanese merchandise, but for right now, it's relatively safe to purchase items from most parts of Japan. I know some online Japanese stores are checking for radiation on their items prior to shipping and I'm fairly certain that the USPS is screening incoming packages from Japan as well.

avatar! Mar 31, 2011

I consider this an important question. Not because I'm worried about purchasing CDs from Japan, but because it's a good opportunity to correct people's misconceptions about radiation. The biggest threat radiation posses of course, is from fallout (radiation released into the atmosphere gets absorbed by particles which can travel and then precipitate at other places). Right now, there's really nothing to worry about unless you're within 50 miles of the reactor. To be fair, even at 50 miles from the reactor you're receiving very little radiation. AT the reactor is clearly a different matter. But, as people have already pointed out, the media LOVES to hype and scare with "articles" such as "Signs of Radiation Poisoning". You're going to receive FAR more radiation just spending time out in the Sun than you are going to receive from the Japanese reactor. Even if there's a full-meltdown, which would be terrible of course, you (living thousands of miles away) would likely receive a minuscule amount of radiation unless you're near the reactor. Assuming CDs in Japan are not made within 50-miles of the reactor, I don't see how radiation could possibly be an issue. Of course this is a serious matter, since the radiation needs to be contained, but there's no reason for people to panic. I know that some countries (not sure which) have banned food from the Kanto and Fukushima prefecture, for fears of cesium poisoning, since cesium is absorbed by living tissue. However, as far as I'm aware that's only a precaution, and you should not expect bans from elsewhere or of other Japanese goods.

Adam Corn Mar 31, 2011

Unless you import a couple dozen CDs from around the disaster zone, and decide to ingest those CDs, you'll be fine.

Qui-Gon Joe Mar 31, 2011

Adam Corn wrote:

Unless you import a couple dozen CDs from around the disaster zone, and decide to ingest those CDs, you'll be fine.

Nooooooooooooo but they're so tasty!

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