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LiquidAcid Dec 29, 2012

Looks like January is starting very slow with me. Not many releases here, so I refrain from sorting into different lists:

LACA-9258~9 | Sound of a small love & chu-2 byo story (one of my favorite anime this season)
UMCK-1442 | Tokyo Kazoku Original Soundtrack (new compositions by Joe Hisaishi)
KDSD-00607 | Glass Heart Princess Soundtrack Plus (tentative) (apparantly an otome game)

I enjoyed BLACK WOLVES SAGA from November and since this one is an otome game, I though: Why not add this Glass Hearts Princess one as well for the lulz big_smile

What do you think about January? Any albums you look forward to?


jb Dec 30, 2012

There's really not much coming out for the next 3 months.  There actually hasn't been much coming out the last 3 months either but it allowed me to not feel guilty about buying the FF orchestra limited edition and the FF Vinyl, and then a random purchase of a TV drama box set that someone posted samples to that's actually really awesome.

I'll be buying the Hisaishi soundtrack, obviously, but otherwise I don't really have anything else I'm looking forward to.

LiquidAcid Dec 30, 2012

jb wrote:

and then a random purchase of a TV drama box set that someone posted samples to that's actually really awesome

You mean this one?

jb Dec 30, 2012

Yep too bad the entry was deleted. It's got some really good tunes from the samples. Just waiting for it to get here. Curse you holiday SAL.

Porter Jan 5, 2013 (edited Jan 6, 2013)

January... I think have quite quick start but there are also some late December titles because they are still on the way.


ELEMENTS GARDEN: Imasugu Oniichan ni Imouto datte Iitai! vol.1 (Game OST)
ELEMENTS GARDEN: Appare! Tenka Gomen [Matsuri] Ooedo Enka! 2CD (Game OST)
TAKAYUKI HATTORI: Code: Breaker 2CD (Anime OST)
SHIRO HAMAGUCHI: Girls und Panzer 2CD (Anime OST)
SHIRO SAGISU: Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not)Redo 2CD (Anime movie OST)
YUGO KANNO: Resident - 5 Nin no Kenshui (TV Drama OST)


ELEMENTS GARDEN: Imasugu Oniichan ni Imouto datte Iitai! vol.2 (Game OST)
ELEMENTS GARDEN (Masato Nakayama): Tonari no Kaibutsukun DVD+CD (Anime OST)
SHINOBU TAKAISHI: Applique Memorial Soundtrack -Orchestral arrangement- (Game OST)
YUGO KANNO: Psycho-Pass Vol.1 DVD+CD (Anime OST)
TATSUYA KATO: Medaka Box Abnormal (Anime OST)
TAKU IWASAKI: Jormungand Perfect Order (Anime OST)
YUJI NOMI: Say "I love you" Vol.2 (Anime OST)
MASAYUKI YAMAMOTO: Galaxy Cyclone Braiger Music Collection 2CD (Anime OST)
SEIKOU NAGAOKA: El Hazard - Symphonic World (Arranged album based on Anime OST)
SEIKOU NAGAOKA: Takegami (Anime OST)
SEIKOU NAGAOKA: Doki Doki Pretty League (Game OST)
KENTARO HANEDA: MU The White Whale (Anime OST)
KENTARO HANEDA: Treasure Island (Anime OST)
MAKOTO SASAKURA: Ruy wa Tomo no Yobu (Game OST)
YASUNORI IWASAKI: Da-Garn vol.1 (Anime OST)
YASUNORI IWASAKI: Da-Garn vol.2 (Anime OST)
TANAKA KOHEI: Gate Keepers 21 (Anime OST)
TOMOHISA ISHIKAWA: Kurokami vol.1 (Anime OST)
TOMOHISA ISHIKAWA: Kurokami vol.2 (Anime OST)
ALEXANDRE AZARIA: Asterix and the Vikings (Animation movie OST)

Planned for next January order:
KEISHI YONAO: Zero infinity & Vermilion Original Soundtrack
SHIRO SAGISU: Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent
TOSHIHIKO SAHASHI: Saint Seiya Omega Original Soundtrack 2

I would like to get "a good librarian like a good shepherd Special Arrange music CD" but pay such a price for one CD...

Also it seems that winter anime season 2013 isnĀ“t very strong so I will save some money later.

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