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vert1 Dec 17, 2016 (edited Dec 17, 2016)

Tag, Grind and Trick to the Beat
Join a graffiti crew, stamp your territory and protect it from rival taggers, but watch out for the angry cops!
•Cartoon-dimension art style in visually-compelling 3D environments
•Over 10 funky and hip characters
•5 fully interactive cities with 16 challenging missions
•In-game graffiti design screen
•Trade custom logos and graffiti online
•Cutting-edge hip-hop and industrial soundtracks, including tunes from Rob Zombie, Jurrasic-5m and Mix Master Mike

The course - This game does everything it could with the skating and graffiti concept. I prefer the emphasis on keeping momentum than on a trick score gauge like Tony Hawk. Everything touched is to be consumed in your run rather than stored. No need to buy moves, parts, or stages The graffiti cans are placed in a way that collecting them is done quickly and with-in reasonable reach making it feel like lightspeed compared to say Rareware's DK64.

The controls - Despite the game leaving out two buttons on the controller, it never feels compartmentalized. Only improvement would be additional camera options that aid in following curving player skating movements.

The event progression - I like the STG deployment style choose your player in the garage base. The cutscenes when you escape from the police are perfectly implemented as is the camera panning out to show your enemies approaching when stopped to spray larger graffiti designs. The increase of police force as you're closer to beating the mission is well done.

The visual and sound design - Clever use of having tracks transition by turntabilzism than repeating one bgm tune. I prefer the art style to Tony Hawk's realism as cartoon violence plays out in an amusing manner when getting shot, run over, or piled on by dogs that would otherwise look deranged and possibly make the player very vengeful.

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