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LiquidAcid Jun 24, 2012 (edited Jun 24, 2012)

*imitating Adam*

June VGM releases:
MSP-9612~3 | Symphonic Fantasies Tokyo (re-recording of the Symphonic Fantasies concert originally performed in Cologne, superior mastering vs. inferior arrangement/performance IMHO)
N/A | Lollipop Chainsaw: Music From the Video Game (contains Akira Yamaoka's score for the latest Suda51 game)
N/A | Das Schwarze Auge: Satinavs Ketten Soundtrack (game artwork looked interesting, no idea about the composers)
BSPE-1046~7 | CRIMSONSHROUD Original Soundtrack (too much Sakimoto for my taste)
FCCV-0032 | Laylania (now we're talking -- supposedly has the OP theme for Ciel no Surge)

June is Atelier time!
GUSTCD-10006 | hana-shirube ~Atelier Series Jazz Arrange Album Feat. Mami Horie Vol.2~ (I have a soft spot for Mami Horie and the Atelier series in general)
GUSTCD-10007~9 | Atelier Ayesha ~Alchemist of the Ground of Dusk~ Original Soundtrack (These scores get bigger with each release, don't they?)
GUSTCD-10010 | - Twilight Hour - Atelier Ayesha ~Alchemist of the Ground of Dusk~ Vocal Album (MOAR ATELIER!)

KDSD-00570 | Suigetsu 2 Original Soundtrack (currently looks more like a vocal album...)
KICA-1513~7 | PERSONA2 ETERNAL PUNISHMENT. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (huge P2 release -- 5 discs...)
SVWC-7859 | Persona 4: The Golden Original Soundtrack (Persona4 this time, Atsushi Kitajoh does a good amount of tracks!)
N/A | Hatsukoi 1/1 Original Soundtrack (someone kept reminding me of this release)
AQMC-007~8 | WHITE ALBUM 2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK ~closing~ (I enjoyed the soundtrack for the first ~introductory~ album)

Last but not least a single anime arrange album, first announced as a acoustic arrange album:
LACA-15185 | Heart of Magic Garden (now seems to be more like a vocal arrange album)

July VGM releases:
AECP-01201~2 | CODE OF PRINCESS Original Soundtrack  (the few tracks from the preorder bonus album got me interested, composed by ACE from Xenoblade fame)
FVCG-1208 | Sekaiju no MeiQ4 denshou no Kyojin Original Sound Track  (I'm glad that Koshiro finally moved away from the FM synth sound to the more organic sound, which we already know from the arrange albums)
SQEX-10318 | SQ Chips2  (I enjoyed the first chips album, especially the Chrono stuff)
TWCD-0003 | Hatsukoi 1/1 Vocal Collection  (more Hatsukoi 1/1 stuff, see also June)
N/A | Rewrite Harvest festa! Original SoundTrack 'Feast'  (Key Sounds Label release, can't be bad *g*)

Some more July releases (non-VGM):
ESCL-3937 | Kokuhaku / Angela Aki (Angie is back, hurray!)
SECL-1156 | moonfesta / Kalafina (Kalafina + children song -- sceptical...)
ANZB-6858 | Persona4 the ANIMATION VOLUME 9 BONUS CD (more Shijo Mejuro for the P4 animation)
ESCL-3879 | Kids on the Slope Original Soundtrack Plus more & rare (apparantly Kanno doesn't like jazz, strange isn't it?)

Leon Jun 24, 2012

Absolutely cannot wait for the new Pokemon album. The music's getting to a whole new level with each new game, and the liner notes are going to be immense this time around.

LiquidAcid Jul 14, 2012

Some more impressions (I found some time to listen to the new stuff):

Das Schwarze Auge: Satinavs Ketten Soundtrack - Pretty much uninteresting for me. I couldn't name any track that really stuck with me. Score likes to stay deep in the background all the time. I imagine this working OK inside the game, but for out-of-context listening I wouldn't recommend it.

CRIMSONSHROUD Original Soundtrack - I pretty much knew that this wouldn't knock me off my feet. Sounds like Sakimoto on autopilot which really forced me to repeatedly skip tracks. I had some hope since Azusa Chiba was involved, but she only did three tracks on the album, where two are just singles. So there essentially just one contribution by her and even that one doesn't particularly stand out.

Heart of Magic Garden - It turned out that the acoustic part was almost nonexistant with this one. I dunno what happened with the initial concept, but apparantly it didn't survive. Only one track here that picked my interest, the one by ChouCho. Not so surprising since I already liked the original version. The track by eufonius is also OK, but everything else is kinda forgettable (for me).

I still have the Atelier albums + Laylania incoming from CDJapan. I've only listened to the Atelier Ayesha Recollection Archives so far and the unused tracks already sound very promising. Especially Close to the Edge (Demo Ver.) (track 11) sounds very Atelierish. From that I think it was a good decision to get Yu Shimoda on board for the soundtrack.

Jodo Kast Jul 15, 2012

vert1 wrote:

Here is a big one for June: Bare Knuckle Original Soundtrack

I've listened to all of disc 1 and 2 so far and it's an improvement over the original sound. The difference is much more pronounced than other remasters I've heard, such as Vagrant Story, Soul Calibur, or the "Ray" series. The best way I can think of describing the remastering quality is the low end is much lower and far clearer; the bass is deep and not distorted. There is more detail in the higher frequencies, but it's never "bright"; just right.

I've never heard the Game Gear versions, so I don't know how much improved they are.

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