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XISMZERO Dec 22, 2016 (edited Dec 22, 2016)

The legendary and astonishingly still-employed at Konami guitarist, composer and veteran Mutsuhiko Izumi had a progressive-fusion band in the mid-80s called "Kennedy". In 2015, the band quietly released a new album after almost 30 years.

On their newest album, there's a few nods to his Konami works in the sound design but one blatant (arrange?) including "Speed King" (Track 9).

Izumi is best known for his involvement in many golden-age arcade games including co-composition on TMNT and in recent times, churning out riffs for the BEMANI games. He's one of the eldest, last OGs at Konami -- quite frankly I cannot believe he's still there.

Either way, prog heads listen to those samples! … UTF8&psc=1

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