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Rrolack Jun 25, 2017

I thought this was a pretty interesting auction: 64 loose obis, mostly from Pony Canyon and Konami albums:

This could be a nice pickup if you collect these albums.  From the few cases I've seen, loose obis tend to sell for far less than the price difference between an incomplete album and a complete one.  I'd expect the same to be true here.

The_Paladin Jun 25, 2017

Hmm might go for it if the price stays low.  If someone else is trying for it, I would be willing to buy the ones I need if you don't need them as well.

Rrolack Jul 2, 2017

Final sale price was 4200 yen, so that's around 60 cents per obi.  It does look like obis on their own, when not paired with their associated album, aren't worth very much on the secondary market.

The_Paladin Jul 3, 2017

Heh I forgot to bid, but on the off chance someone on here did buy it, my offer still stands.

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