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Alex Aug 17, 2009 (edited Oct 12, 2009)

The list of game soundtracks I still haven't bought has been growing ever longer and is starting to annoy me.   Since I haven't done anything about it in many months, this weekend I listed everything I'm looking for on VGMdb (My Want List).  While I was there, I posted about three dozen soundtracks I'd be willing to part with in the marketplace (My Sale List).  I'm not in a big hurry to sell most of these since there are a lot of favorites like Grim Fandango as well as autographed ones by people like Jason Hayes and Michael Giacchino, but I'd seriously consider any reasonable offers, and I'd be most interested in trading for CDs I'm looking for.  But for the want list, I'm eager to buy any or trade -- just let me know what you have available.

Game scores for sale:
SOLD Age Of Pirates: Caribbean Tales  (sealed) • Yury Poteyenko
Brute Force (autographed) • Hannigan, Kyd, Reagan
NEW Burn! Justice High School • Iwai, Yoneda, Yamamoto
SOLD Call of Duty • Michael Giacchino
Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra (sealed) • Yasunori Mitsuda
DDRMAX Sampler (sealed) • Various
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (autographed) • Russell Brower, Ron Fish
NEW Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories • Tenpei Sato
Freedom Fighters (sealed) • Jesper Kyd
Frontlines: Fuel of War • Matthew Harwood
Giants: Citizen Kabuto (sealed) • Jeremy Soule
SOLD Grim Fandango • Peter McConnell
NEW Guilty Gear X Heavy Rock Tracks • Daisuke Ishiwatari
Halo 2 Vol. 1 (sealed) • Marty O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori
NEW Halo 2 Vol. 2 • Marty O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori
Headhunter 1 & 2 • Richard Jacques
Hitman 1 & 2 • Jesper Kyd
Hunter: The Reckoning • Portwine, Stasica, Love
Killer Instinct • Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate
Legend of Mana Music Selection • Yoko Shimomura
Mass Effect (autographed) • Wall, Hulick, Jacques, Kates
NEW Medal of Honor • Michael Giacchino
Medal of Honor: Underground • Michael Giacchino
Medal of Honor: Frontline • Michael Giacchino
Mercenaries (autographed) • Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton
More Friends Orchestra Concert (sealed) • Nobuo Uematsu
SOLD Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Collector's Edition (sealed) • Michael Bross
Perfect Dark Zero • David Clynick
Phantasy Star Universe (sealed) • Kobayashi, Kumatani, Tokoi
Prince of Persia Trilogy (sealed) • Stuart Chatwood, Inon Zur
Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire • Chance Thomas
SOLD Riven • Robyn Miller
NEW SaGa Frontier 2 (3-CD) • Masashi Hamauzu
NEW SaGa Frontier 2: Piano Pieces SF2 • Masashi Hamauzu
Sea Dogs (sealed) • Yury Poteyenko
Secret Weapons over Normandy (autographed) • Michael Giacchino
NEW Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves • Peter McConnell
Soul of the Ultimate Nation (sealed) • Howard Shore
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy • Ron Jones, Brian Luzietti
SOLD Super Smash Bros. Melee • Various
The Best of LucasArts (autographed) • Various
The Sims • Various
Virgin Games Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (autographed) • Tommy Tallarico
Voodoo Vince • Steve Kirk
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos • Hayes, Bush, Duke, Stafford
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos • Bush, Duke, Stafford
World of Warcraft (sealed) • Hayes, Bush, Duke, Stafford
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade • Various
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King • Various

Additionally, I have a bunch of movie scores to sell or trade as well, and I've listed those below.  I got most used so some are lightly worn, but most are in great shape -- just ask and I'll be happy to tell you the condition on any.  In the U.S. I'm charging $3 shipping for the first CD and free shipping on all additional items in the same order (as long as you don't mind Media Mail).  I'm happy to ship overseas too, but I'll have to know your order before I can figure out what the Post Office charges.  And as far as payment, I'm happy with money orders or PayPal (as long as you pay with your bank account since my novice PayPal account can't accept credit or debit cards).  Anyway, just e-mail me at ALEX*at*SERIES*dot*NET (without the asterisks, of course), and I'll look forward to talking to you!

Movie scores $4 each:

101 Dalmatians (sealed) • Michael Kamen
SOLD Braveheart • James Horner   
SOLD More Music from Braveheart • James Horner
SOLD The Carl Stalling Project • Carl Stalling
Clive Barker's Saint Sinner • Christopher Lennertz
SOLD Dances with Wolves • John Barry
Dead Again • Patrick Doyle
Deep End of the Ocean • Elmer Bernstein
Father of the Bride • Alan Silvestri
SOLD Funny Girl • Jule Styne
Independence Day • David Arnold
The Mask of Zorro • James Horner
The Negotiator • Graeme Revell
The Out-of-Towners •  Marc Shaiman
The Passion of the Christ • John Debney
The Perfect Storm • James Horner
The Prince of Egypt • Hans Zimmer
Rising Sun • Toru Takemitsu
Schindler's List • John Williams
The Spitfire Grill • James Horner
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (sealed) • Steve Jablonsky
Titanic • James Horner
Back to Titanic • James Horner

Movie scores $7 each:

Bambi (sealed) • Edward Plumb
SOLD Batman: Mask of the Phantasm • Shirley Walker
SOLD Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire • Patrick Doyle
Pearl Harbor • Hans Zimmer
Reign Over Me • Rolfe Kent
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves • Michael Kamen
Star Trek Next Generation Vol. 2 • Ron Jones
Star Trek: Generations • Dennis McCarthy

Movie scores $10 each:

SOLD Aliens (deluxe edition) • James Horner
La Balia • Carlo Crivelli
The Bourne Identity • John Powell
SOLD Crimson Tide (sealed) • Hans Zimmer
SOLD Heroes (sealed) • Coleman, Melvoin
The Rescuers Down Under • Bruce Broughton
Terror Tract (sealed) • Brian Tyler

Movie scores priced as marked:

Seed of Chucky (sealed) • Pino Donaggio • $11
SOLD We Were Soldiers • Nick Glennie-Smith • $11
SOLD Kull the Conqueror (sealed) • Joel Goldsmith • $15
SOLD First Knight (sealed) • Jerry Goldsmith • $16
High Heels • Ryuichi Sakamoto • $18
Lightning Jack • Bruce Rowland • $20
Robin Hood • Geoffrey Burgon • $24
SOLD Chopping Mall & Death Stalker II (sealed) • Chuck Cirino • $25
SOLD Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker • Kristopher Carter • $28
Shiloh (sealed) • Joel Goldsmith • $29
Believe...The Songs of the Sherman Brothers • $29
Pirates of the Caribbean 5-disc Set (sealed) • Badelt, Zimmer • $55

Alex Aug 18, 2009

Added a sealed copy of the Freedom Fighters soundtrack by Jesper Kyd and a copy of the Mass Effect soundtrack autographed by Jack Wall to my sale list on VGMdb.  Also added sealed soundtracks to Heroes, Terror Tract, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Seed of Chucky, and Chopping Mall + Deathstalker II to the list above.

Alex Aug 24, 2009

Just lowered prices on all the movie scores by at least a dollar, marked half a dozen CDs as sold, and added a listing for World of Warcraft.  Additionally, I just copied the list of all the game soundtracks for sale here in case anybody's too lazy to click on the VGMdb link.  smile

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