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Idolores Jan 28, 2017

So I took a look at my Racing Lagoon soundtrack just the other day and discovered, to my immense dismay, that disc 1 has circular etching (correct me if that's not the correct term). Doesn't affect playback, but I'm furious because it'll doubtless affect resale value. What's worse is I have NO idea how it happened. What do?

student41269 Jan 28, 2017

Ouch... Feeling that pain - I had a few games get scratches like these recently from playing them on a slim model PS2. Might your soundtrack have been played back on a PS2 or Xbox at some point?

Idolores Feb 2, 2017

No, never. I literally listened to it once, when I ripped it to harddrive in like 2006.

Maybe that did it. Ugh.

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