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DeroZorro Dec 23, 2010

I can get it on ebay for $64 new, but I'm hoping I can find a cheaper (presumably used) copy here. If anyone has the disc and wants to sell it, I'd be interested smile Just message me through my profile. Thanks.

Nemo Jan 26, 2011

I have a mint copy with the unopened/unused towel if you're interested.

DeroZorro Jan 28, 2011

I should ask this under game music, but I don't see a need to make another thread. I'm wondering whether I should buy Yomigaeru or the original Gyakuten Saiban soundtrack that has the music from the first two games (Ace Attorney and Justice for All). Is the overall sound quality on the Yomigaeru soundtrack any different from the earlier two disc release?

FuryofFrog Jan 28, 2011

Overall both are very good. The first 3 Phoenix Wright games were originally released on GBA and obviously have GBA sounds. Apollo Justice was the first game actually made directly for the NDS. Yomigaeru has the upscaled music from only the first game. To my knowledge the 2nd and 3rd DS soundtracks have not been released in their DS form.

Judge for yourself

Original GBA Objection 2001

Redone NDS Objection 2001

Boco Jan 30, 2011

Definitely check out a few samples to see if you have a strong preference. I think the real question boils down to this: is it more important to you to have enhanced sound or the second game's soundtrack?

I own both CDs and I love them both. That said, when I want to listen to the first game's soundtrack I almost always reach for Yomigaeru. The extra tracks from the bonus case, enhanced sounds, and slightly expanded arrangements really improve the overall experience for me. big_smile

DeroZorro Mar 31, 2011

Nemo, I'd be interested in buying the OST from you if you still have it. I sent an email, though I'm not sure if it went through since I got logged out as soon as I sent it.

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