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Ugly Bob Apr 10, 2010 doesn't seem to sell sheet music, and only has 1 and 10.

Those are the only legitimate sites that I know of for buying imports. Can anyone here suggest some more?

Ebay doesn't sell legit sheet music, much like bootleg CD's right?

Boco Apr 10, 2010

They still have several sheet music books available. People seem to have mixed results with them, but I've personally never had any trouble. The website works, prices are high (but not outrageous), and my orders always arrive promptly and safely. I even contacted customer service once and had a pleasant experience.

Anyway, you might want to give them a try.

FuryofFrog Apr 11, 2010

FuryofFrog Apr 11, 2010

No prob. To your credit its not obvious on otaku. Its actually in the merchandise section and not in the book section.

Ramza Apr 13, 2010

Now if you're looking for simple arrangements of all tracks from an OST, those DoReMi books will suit you just fine.

But if you want the PIANO COLLECTIONS booklets, you should check out: … -c172.html

Unfortunately, the IV through VI books are extremely hard to get (both the original CD+Book and the book-only reperints). But VII through XI are no problem. I highly recommend them.

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