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The_Paladin Feb 13, 2015

Back at the beginning of the year I had an idea about producing an album of songs that had never had an official soundtrack release, and looking at a limited print run the costs weren't too bad so I contacted one of the multiple composers on the game.  They seemed interested but also confirmed my suspicion that I would need permission from the company itself and not just the artist to use it.  However they said they could remix or remaster the songs.  I thought an ost + arrange would be even better so I sent multiple emails to the company's international and PR addresses and have gotten no reply; the subsidiary who made the game's email bounces back from mailer daemon (though game title trademark is live under their name).

So, I'm not sure even if the composers are willing to remaster/remix tracks how to present the cd without using the game's title.  If just one composer uses their songs, the album could just be their name and whatver title, but that also strays a bit from my original idea and probably has less appeal for something already obscure.  If anyone has any thoughts on what I should do or anyone they can point me to who maybe can help or a resource online, I would be grateful.  Even though I got the idea on a whim, I don't want to give up so easily when I could make something happen.

XLord007 Feb 13, 2015

You should get in touch with others who've done similar work. Maybe talk to the guys at OC Remix, The 1Ups, The Video Game Orchestra, Video Games Live, or other arrangers who may have Japanese industry connections and see if they can give you any names to reach out to. Similarly, you may want to ask the composers who you've been in touch with if they know any business people at the respective companies they'd be willing to give you a warm handoff to.

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