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Ashley Winchester Sep 8, 2010

FuryofFrog wrote:

Street Fighter ZERO2

I'm curious, have you ever heard the SPC rip from the Super Nintendo version of this game? Personally, I can't stand the Arcade synth on this disc compared to it. But then I'm biased since I played that inferior port a ton.

FuryofFrog Sep 8, 2010 (edited Sep 8, 2010)

Haha. Its my favorite actually.

Round 1..........................................................FIGHT!

Wow it took forever for a match to start.

SPC version is the one that I'm most accustomed to. I absolutely love those versions of those songs. The one that stands out most to me is Nash's stage. The only thing is I really don't have the will to rip the SPC version. Personally I wish that SPC ran the same way as NSF's so I didn't have to worry about the song ending. Usually I would rip a soundtrack at a bit rate I liked, throw it into Audacity, and fade it out appropriately. If you know a place to get it 192 kbps CBR or higher that would be awesome.

Unfortunately my completionist self won't let me live without Arcade Zero 2 ost.

Favorite Zero 2 song??

GoldfishX Sep 8, 2010

I was about to say, I loved the music of Alpha 2...on the Playstation. Many moons ago, I owned the soundtrack and I remember it was one of the first I was more than glad to get rid of because the arcade synth was atrocious (plus, the tracks didn't play through entirely on the second loop, IIRC). Plus, it could have easily fit on a single CD, but there were "bonus" videos of basic custom combo stuff (at FULL volume! A rather nasty surprise to the eardrums if you're not expecting it) on them, so they had to make it a 2 disc set. Ah, back in the days before iPods and even CD burners were commonplace.

I'm much happier with the Alpha 1 soundtrack as a whole. The synth just sounds better and it has most of my favorites from Alpha 2 included (minus Sakura and Gen, plus one of the ending themes). I still have my Alpha 3 soundtrack somehow, despite my overall disappointment with it. I blame nostalgia. Compared to the vibrant, individual character themes of the first two Alphas, the bland techno throughout both discs was a real letdown. Unlike 3rd Strike or even SFIV, it sticks out in a bad way while playing. And yet...I've actually had my copy for over 10 years!

Adon gets the duke for my favorite Alpha theme. Nash's theme is a close second (Nash also gets the nod for having the best Alpha 3 theme) and Alpha 2's Ken theme is probably my favorite version of that tune.

FuryofFrog Sep 10, 2010

Yeah PS1 and SNES Alpha 2 had some boss sounds. Just like a lot of Capcom OSTs in the day of course they couldn't let a full 2 loops go by. Thats a shame. I'm looking at you Darkstalkers OST.....

The Alpha series was kind of lackluster in music. While I, myself prefer Alpha 2's version of the songs I can appreciate Alpha 1 as well. Actually if you have the PS1 Alpha disc you can insert it into your computer and get all the PS1 tracks. Back in the day I used to test every PS1 game to see if it had any extra goodies. Alpha 3 only had a few really stand out tracks. The rest were just garbage. If I ever hear "The Road" again it will be too soon.

Best songs in Alpha 3 IMO
Performance (Dan)
Simple Rating (Karin)
Crimson (Vega)
Scala (Rose)
Kakugo Sodom)
Brave or Grave (Dictator)

After that I hear a whole lot of trash. I'm impressed you managed to keep Zero 3 OST for that long. At least the cover art is pretty.

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