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Boyblunder Aug 28, 2016

Just got my first mortgage, super excited about that.
Am looking to clear my VGM collection for now, can't sit on thousands worth of CDs any longer, have had them for 10+ years now so the majority will go. It's a slow process but I'll get there.
Thanks to all that have purchased from me and continue to do so. Please feel free to checkout the 200 or so albums I have left and proceed with battering them.

hit me up via email here or on vgmdb, either or is good. I will be selling at around market value (not as high as otaku etc.)
The more you take the better it is for you in terms of price. I will slowly add more and more prices. Everything is negotiable within reason so if you don't like the price, haggle.
If you see something where it seems particularly overpriced, point it out to me and say "I can get this $30 less on YJA" or whatever. Please note ALL albums have obis, and range mostly from excellent to very good condition.
Some stuff is still sealed. I can provide any pictures upon request and shipping will be efficient and safe.
I'm not out to screw anybody, just wanna make a buck and don't want to make huge losses.
Thanks again good people

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