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Rrolack Jul 11, 2016

Usually when I look for an album, I'm looking to get a complete copy, i.e. with the obi, registration card, stickers, and any other original extras, all in really nice condition.

After collecting for a couple of years, I've found that for some albums, finding such a copy is extraordinarily difficult.  This is particularly true for albums with multiple extras, e.g. Super Mario World, which has an obi, registration card, and 3-D jacket.

In the case of Super Mario World, I've decided to try getting a complete copy by buying several incomplete copies, and combining them together.  After settling on this strategy, I saw a copy with the 3-D jacket only for 7500 yen on YJA, and decided to buy it.  A few weeks later, I found a copy with both a 3-D jacket and an obi for $100 on eBay, and bought that as well.  Eventually, I'm hoping a well-priced copy with a registration card will turn up - at which point I can buy it, combine the three copies to form one complete copy, and sell the remaining two copies + extras.

I thought I'd ask whether anyone else has adopted a similar strategy for any album, and if so, how it went.  In the case of Super Mario World, thankfully it's a popular enough album that I don't expect to be caught "holding the bag", i.e. unable to sell the extra copies.  Though for other albums, I could see that happening for sure.

I also realize this sounds more difficult than buying the extras separately, though finding a loose obi or a registration card is probably even harder than finding a complete copy in the first place.  I also accept that some folks will find this all a little nuts...

avatar! Jul 11, 2016

You have to keep your eyes open. Also, complete copies or even nearly complete copies in NM/M condition can fetch a pretty penny. I actually had the Super Mario World complete with lenticular card and I sold it for $150 which I thought was pretty reasonable considering the condition and all. As an aside, I am selling much of my collection so if you are looking for some rare albums you could drop me a message and I'll see if I have anything you're looking for smile

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