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vert1 May 24, 2014 (edited Mar 18, 2020)
Mario Kart 8 - New Features Trailer

Release Dates:    
JP May 29, 2014
NA May 30, 2014
EU May 30, 2014
AUS May 31, 2014
Console: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 1
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Racing
Players: Up to 4 players local and 12 players online
Output: 720//60fps 1-2 players  vs 720p/30fps 3-4 players


This game is coming out soon. The coins being back is great. Don't like that they've kept that Blooper item which I absolutely hated in Mario Kart DS.

vert1 May 24, 2014

When it comes to performance, Nintendo has always aimed to deliver a rock-solid 60 frames per second with each home console Mario Kart and, aside from Mario Kart 64, it has always managed to achieve just that. There was never any doubt that Mario Kart 8 would fall right in line with the rest of the series but upon seeing it for ourselves we immediately noticed that something was amiss. During gameplay we experienced the regular appearance of duplicate frames manifesting as a constant but subtle stuttering effect. Upon analysis we determined that the game suffers from extended clusters in which a duplicate frame is displayed every 64 frames. What this ultimately means is that, during normal gameplay, Mario Kart 8 continually drops down to 59fps. This may not seem like a big deal - most will probably not notice it at all, and it has zero affect on playability - but it has a noticeable impact on image fluidity that mars what would otherwise be a perfectly consistent frame-rate. And for us at least, once it is seen, it can't really be unseen.

And the multiplayer:
Unfortunately, two-player split-screen operates in much the same way, suffering from the same frame-rate disturbances of as single-player, provided CPU racers are enabled of course. It's with the three- and four-player modes that things become even more fascinating. At first glance the four-player split-screen mode appears to operate at 30fps, but if you look closer you'll notice something interesting: the HUD updates at 60Hz. Digging deeper we were able to determine that the complete image is still updated 60 times per second with the top and bottom sections refreshing on alternative frames.

source: Digital Foundry

Wonder what Nintendo's response to this will be. It is a bit disappointing since the team sought out 60 fps.

Ashley Winchester May 24, 2014

GoldfishX wrote:

Nintendo's got a LOT more to worry about than a couple less frames.


God, it's freaking annoying how everyone is worried about "resolution" and "FPS" crap these days. It's the blast processing of this gen I swear.

Is the game fun? How's the gameplay? Those are practically alien questions anymore.

Hell, I just replayed Diablo on the PC and the resolution on that is insanely meager... it was still fun.

Also, this slight issue with the frames... couldn't they eventually fix that with a patch? Not saying that is ideal (too many companies release things with a "fix it later" mentality) but it's probably within their ability.

brandonk May 25, 2014 (edited May 25, 2014)

While I agree, it's all about having fun and the internet likes to nit pick...there's something to be said about 'primary' system seller titles...I need to call out Microsoft's Flagship 3rd party game - "Titanfall" - this is supposedly a really fun game, but I wouldn't know, because I get terribly annoyed and taken out of the experience at the screen tearing...this is a major league amateur move...drop the resolution to whatever the system can handle... That said, I'm curious what anyone here who's played MK8 thinks of this '1 frame less' Mario Kart Gate conspiracy...sounds infinitesimal unimportant on the surface

Amazingu May 25, 2014

This whole thing is beyond ridiculous.
I could understand the hullabaloo if the main game ran at 30 FPS instead of 60, but Jesus Christ it's at 59 people.
This frame-f*cking really pisses me off (although I appreciate that this is Digital Foundry's thing and I do enjoy their technical reviews).

And yeah, there's no way Nintendo is going to "address" this, because that would be ridiculous too.

Ashley Winchester wrote:

God, it's freaking annoying how everyone is worried about "resolution" and "FPS" crap these days. It's the blast processing of this gen I swear.

Except that Blast Processing was never a real thing, and resolution and FPS are actually measurable specs.
I agree that gameplay always comes first, and I personally don't care very much about resolution either (the difference between 720p and 1080p is also vastly overrated), but it IS very nice to play games that run at a constant 60 FPS though.
I'm not saying it's required or anything, but man does it ever look nice.

absuplendous May 26, 2014

brandonk wrote:

That said, I'm curious what anyone here who's played MK8 thinks of this '1 frame less' Mario Kart Gate conspiracy...

I've played an in-store demo and didn't take issue with the frame rate at all. I found the lack of anti-aliasing slightly jarring; I'm not picky about graphics and ultimately don't care, it just took me off-guard to see so many jagged edges in a 2014 game.

Amazingu May 29, 2014

I played a couple of races in 50cc yesterday, and the game looks/runs great.

It did reaffirm that I'm just kind of done with this series though, or maybe just racing games in general.
There's nothing bad about it, but I just don't find it enjoyable anymore.

vert1 May 31, 2014 (edited Jun 2, 2014)

Battle Mode is getting slagged a lot:

KHlover wrote:

I actually had more fun with the MK8 battle mode than with any battle mode before it.

Toads Turnpike + Frantic Items > anything

Hunting down your last buddy while being chased by the vengeful ghosts of your other friends also is a great experience big_smile

skiesofwonder wrote:

My brother and I might be the only ones, but we are really enjoying the new battle mode. At first it felt really awkward, but then it just "clicked", and before we knew it we had played it for three hours straight. It mostly amounts to a green turtle jousting match, kart-style,with 6 players going one way and 6 the other. Meaning you see other people quite a bit (contrary to what the reviews say), and there is a ton of room to improvise considering the size of the arenas. Donut Plains and Toad Harbor seem the be the best levels suited for battle, but for different reasons. Harbor has the huge "hangout" area right before the finish line which turns into old-school Mario kart battle arena, while Donut Plains is turtle-jousting paradise. I also really like how it seems that 95% of the items drawn are single green turtle, triple green turtles, banana, and bombs. Once in a blue moon you might get a red turtle or fire flower, so when you do you feel as if you gotta make it count.

We were playing three round " Grand Prix", each hit equals a point, you have three balloons (each balloon you lose also loses you a point). 12 players, player with the most points at the end wins. When you lose your three balloons, you become a ghost to the other players, and your sole purpose then is to eliminate the other remaining human player before he racks up anymore points on the bots.

Smallville12225 wrote:

So, I just played battle mode online for the last three hours.

I got the game, expecting battle mode to be terrible. I've heard nothing good about it in reviews. I tried it once, with the expectation that that would be my last try.

I think it's really fun. You almost always have 12 people, and I never go more than about ten seconds without seeing someone. I feel way less compelled to follow the track than I thought I would... Like... Are people actually giving it a chance? It's different, sure, but this is the most fun I've had with battle mode since N64... Without talking to my brother about it at all, he agreed, and said it's one of his favorite modes.

I don't understand the hate at all? Or I guess, I understand some of it, because it's a change... But everyone has made this sound awful, and it's very very fun imo...

I'm doing quite well in battle mode. And one thing I notice with the people that are sucking, is that they just keep driving around the track and are often defenseless. I tend to choose an area of the track with item boxes and circle back and forth within it, sometimes camping as if playing a shooter. It works really really well. You just have to treat these courses as battlefields, even though they double as race tracks.

ThatWasPeachy wrote:

I really don't mind it. I think it's the best battle mode yet.


Alfredo wrote:

I played local 4-player battle mode the other day. One person had a GamePad, I had a Classic Controller, one had a Wii U Pro Controller, and one had a Wii Remote.

Only the person with the GamePad got a minimap showing everyone's locations, which is pretty lame. He apparently didn't even utilize it very well. I got fed up with looking for people, and ended up winning the match by just hiding in a corner of the map and letting time run out.

Yeah, it was super boring. It probably is better with 8 computer players, but it still doesn't sound like the Mario Kart battle experience I want. Sounds like it would eventually just whittle down to never finding other players until time runs out.

brosa0 wrote:

I actually don't mind the courses used for battle mode, so long as there are 10-12 racers. It is ridiculous when it gets down to 2-3 racers and they can't find each other.

Darkest-Lord122 wrote:

The timer is the main problem. That stupid timer has been a cancer on the battle system since it was introduced. And even with 12 people, it's hard to find people. There's not enough room to dodge, and there's little variety in items. Buuut...if they just gave us the option to remove the timer, I'd say it could potentially be fun.

SUperSaiyanSonic wrote:

A couple things make battle mode bad.

1. Tracks are generally not too wide. This makes it hard for people to stay in one area battling.
2. Item boxes take longer to come back, making it harder for people to stay in one area.
3. You can't carry more than one item. This may be fine for racing as it gives you a different strategy. However, it makes the big problem in battle mode worse. You have to go to a different area of the track to get a new item.
4. The tracks are too big with no middle ground for shortcuts from one side to the other. You will spend more time driving alone than battling.

It is racing without the race.

sources: … 8/69339085 and

Curious how this compares to the free-for-all combat in Twisted Metal: Black.

Anti-gravity inclusion has been met with lukewarm response from gamefaqs posters.

I LOVE the bump/speed boost. Great addition, happens a lot actually.

Though anti-gravity is a bit of a disappointment.

anti gravity allows electrodrome to exist

I do agree that all the reviewers saying "the bumping adds a whole new level of strategy" were completely BSing and making it out to be far deeper then it is. Its incredibly rare and doesn't make much of a difference at all.

I disagree with bump boosting though. I use this mostly on anti gravity tracks that have no edges. I hit in [unexpecting] people online and 50% of the time they'll get a boost they weren't ready for and fly off while drifting. Try it!

source: … 8/69339416

XLord007 Jun 2, 2014 (edited Jun 2, 2014)

I put a bunch of time into this over the weekend, and it's a lot fun; a huge improvement over Mario Kart Wii. I haven't played enough to say if I like it better than my favorite MK of all time (DS), but it's quite good. The changes to battle mode are baffling, but the the regular racing is good stuff. My biggest criticisms are around the interface and button config. On the interface, just like in MK7, it's a huge pain in the ass to compare racers and parts to figure out which combinations have the stats you want. I'm disappointed that Nintendo didn't attempt to improve this from MK7. As for the buttons, I'm left scratching my head as to why there is no config option that would allow for SNES-style controls, instead forcing the very awkward NES-style controls on four-button layouts. Makes no sense at all. Would it have really been that hard to include a config option? It's also somewhat irritating that the map has moved to the gamepad screen, so you have to glance away from the main screen if you want to see it. I setup my gamepad on its stand and am playing with the Pro controller, so it's a little easier, but still not a great decision. Like I said earlier, the game itself is still a lot of fun, but there's just a lot of these little boneheaded design decisions that show a very un-Nintendo lack of polish.

Angela Jun 3, 2014 (edited Jun 3, 2014)

Agreed on all of XLord's points.  I'm having way more fun with a MK title than I could've imagined.  Everything's clicking with me gameplay wise; the bikes feel particularly great, and I've never been able to drift with this level of accuracy before.

The interface could have used more refining, yeah.  Cycling through all the various vehicle/tire/gliding options and their stats isn't intuitive, and I too am using the Pro Controller with the Wii U gamepad awkwardly propped next to the bottom of the TV in order to see the course map.  The configuration of the controls themselves might have bothered me if I didn't realize that you can also use the Y button to accelerate, as an alternative to A.  (Right thumbstick, too, but that feels a bit too extrinsic for me.)

The online works extremely well; simple but effective infrastructure, and no discernible lag as far as I can tell.  I'm getting massively slaughtered by the competition, mind, but it's a testament to the game's online fluidity and overall fun factor that I often rank at sub -9th place, and want to keep coming back for more. :)

I also agree with absuplendous; the 60fps 59fps framerate is solid, and the graphics and lighting are fantastic with plenty of neat background touches -- but the jaggies are very pronounced.  Maybe I got too spoiled in seeing those pristine bullshots that lead up to the release of the game.

absuplendous Jun 5, 2014

I've finally gotten around to giving this game a spin, and as someone whose never really been a Mario Kart or racing fanatic, I'm surprised by how enjoyable I've found the game thus far. I've played a bit of Double Dash, but the bulk of my Kart experience lies in the SNES original; the game's evolved quite a bit. Despite my tendency to resist change in games, the numerous upgrades aren't as daunting as I thought they'd be.

The graphics and sound are fantastic. Of note is that the jaggies I mentioned earlier aren't really noticeable to me now; they're there, no doubt, but sitting a few feet away on my couch versus standing directly in front of the screen at a store demo makes a big difference. The live music recordings sound excellent. Even the voices aren't terrible--in that you don't hear them too often. I don't think I'll ever understand their casting/voice directions, though.

I feel like the items can be very intrusive. Back in the day, the items' potency seemed a bit conservative and took a little skill to use effectively. Now they're just ridiculous, with screen-obscuring Bloopers and the once-rare Lightning Bolt now striking at least once per race. I wish there was a way to toggle them a la Smash Bros.

Playing with the Pro Controller left my hand a bit cramped/fatigued; I'm not sure, but it might be the button placement. I too was disappointed to see not button configuration options. I'll try the old Classic Controller Pro and see if that's any more comfortable. That all said, maneuvering your character is easy--like Angela, I don't think I've ever been able to drift this well before.

By the way, have you heard of the overblown and somehow controversial Fire-hopping technique?

XLord007 Jun 6, 2014 (edited Jun 6, 2014)

absuplendous wrote:

I feel like the items can be very intrusive. Back in the day, the items' potency seemed a bit conservative and took a little skill to use effectively. Now they're just ridiculous, with screen-obscuring Bloopers and the once-rare Lightning Bolt now striking at least once per race. I wish there was a way to toggle them a la Smash Bros.

Yeah, the Blooper obscures more of the action than it used to while other items like the once potent red shells are basically useless. I find that the only way to win is to be in first by a large margin so you can survive the inevitable blue shells. Even in last place, none of the items you get are particularly helpful. I don't know that I'd want to turn items off, but I'd like them to actually mean something like they used to.

absuplendous wrote:

Playing with the Pro Controller left my hand a bit cramped/fatigued; I'm not sure, but it might be the button placement. I too was disappointed to see not button configuration options. I'll try the old Classic Controller Pro and see if that's any more comfortable.

I started out with the Classic Controller Pro and ended up switching to the Pro Controller, but neither are ideal due to the button config.

absuplendous wrote:

By the way, have you heard of the overblown and somehow controversial Fire-hopping technique?

Yeah, I read about that, but that only matters at the ultra competitive level. I just play for fun, and don't get worked up about stuff like that. At PAX East, I had to tell the Capcom rep to stop talking about recovery times and frame data when talking to me about USF4. I just wanted to know how many new stages there were.

Datschge Jun 6, 2014

absuplendous wrote:

By the way, have you heard of the overblown and somehow controversial Fire-hopping technique?

Overblown as in too many people complaining about it even though it's a technique that essentially was in the original Mario Kart on the SNES already? I find it odd that some people think this is a bug or accidentally got into the game.

absuplendous Jun 6, 2014

XLord007, I actually wound up preferring the Classic Controller Pro, except for the AA's dying mid-match (the game automatically paused when that happened, but I don't know what it'd do in multiplayer/online mode). I wonder how the SFC Classic Controller would fare... I don't want to turn off all items, but it would be nice to have a House Rules option where we could disable Bloopers only or something. There is something to that effect in Online mode, where you can select from a range of Items options (but not customize them yourself), but it doesn't seem to be a popular feature as any time I've tried it, no one else was using it at the time.

Datschge, exactly. A lot of people seem to think that an "unintended" technique (an argument for which there is little evidence) makes it the equivalent of a bug. The hubbub seems especially disproportionate when you consider what a negligible advantage it offers.

raynebc Jun 7, 2014 (edited Jun 8, 2014)

I haven't played MK8 yet, but "fire hopping" doesn't seem to me to be anywhere near the ridiculous exploit that snaking was especially considering how it's limited to only when you're getting a speed boost.  There's a difference between using a technique that requires at least a small amount of control, like doing multiple genuine power slides on a long turn, and exploiting the mechanism in a way that is clearly unintended to get endless speed boosts on a long straight track.

vert1 Jun 7, 2014 (edited Jun 8, 2014)

I'm just glad to see that heavy-weights are actually competitive in this one (Wario has a world record in some course time trial using fire hopping). In Mario Kart DS snaking benefitted light-weights too much; you could not win a race with a heavy-weight against a light-weight.

edit: Played the game today at the mall. The course is way too big and the wall riding ability makes it even bigger. The carts handling feels a bit ballooned out (like the Wii U controller) than tight hopping machines of 64. Watching the game it looks quite stunning. Playing it isn't as exhilarating as it looks.

vert1 Aug 26, 2014 … 91121.html

Mario Kart 8 Pack 1 - Released: November 2014

Pack 1 includes:

3 Characters: Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Link
4 Vehicles
8 Courses
Mario Kart 8 Pack 2 - Released: May 2015

Pack 2 includes:

3 Characters: Villager, Isabelle, Dry Bowser
4 Vehicles
8 Courses
As a bonus for purchasing both packs - as a bundle or separately - you can get eight different-coloured Yoshis and eight different-coloured Shy Guys that can be used right away.

Jay Aug 27, 2014

The packs look great but it seems insane that they would add these characters and ads to the roster when some are nine months away.

XLord007 Nov 24, 2014

Has anyone else tried the new courses that came out recently? Pretty solid additions if you ask me. I particularly like the F-Zero course with the jazzy music and how they replace the victory music with the F-Zero victory music.

raynebc Apr 15, 2017

I never used the Mario Kart Wii wheel that I had because I preferred non motion controls.

GoldfishX Apr 15, 2017

Yes, I opted not have to have another piece of junk laying around as well. Plays just fine with a normal controller

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