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sydneysider May 8, 2010 (edited May 8, 2010)

Hi all-

I've got quite a bit of anime + game CDs I'm trying to offload. You can find the list at: (Google spreadsheet link)

A few notes:

1. All CDs/DVDs are legit. No fakes/EverAnime/etc.

2. I live in Sydney, Australia. If you're local, you're more than welcome to pick-up. If you're not, note that shipping can be a bit costly overseas. A year ago or so I auctioned a few DVDs on eBAY and the shipping cost was around U$70 for a DVD box set with good packing.

3. Prices are in USD.

4. Background: I was a bit of a fan/collector when I lived in the States and when I moved to Australia everything moved with me. That said, I have BARELY touched these CDs/DVDs for the past 2-3 years and as I'm in need of space I've decided to get rid of them.

5. As it is, I'm out of touch with popular, what's hot, etc. If you think the prices are a tad high, well, do make your best offer.

6. Do take a look. There are some rare stuff for sale and some even something you're looking for.

7. I'm hoping you're not going to ask for the CD/DVD catalog number, but if you do please ask only for the ones you're interested in. I'd die if I have to go through this whole thing again. ^_^;;;

8. Most items are in good condition and some are even in Like New condition. However, quite a bit are scuffed or otherwise showing its age (e.g., yellowing white cd cases). Let me know if you want pics, and if you do, note #7 applies as well. ^_^;;

Buying a WHOLE bunch?

All items listed on CDs sheet: $2000 (32.5% saving)
All items listed on DVDs sheet: $345 (25% saving)
EVERYTHING: $2250 (34.3% saving)

Zane May 8, 2010

Holy shit. Silent Hill OST for $25?! Someone jump on that shit, and FAST.

sydneysider May 8, 2010

Is that too high or too low? @_@

BTW- for everyone who's emailed me, I'll respond in a few hours. Just woke up. big_smile

Alley May 9, 2010

Nice inventory...unfortunately I don't see any in particular I want myself...

sydneysider May 9, 2010 (edited May 9, 2010)

Allright. I've sent emails to everyone who's emailed as of Sunday, 3:45 pm Sydney time (GMT+10).

I've also added Ghibli ga Ippai CD box set in the spreadsheet.

Pics are up at

Just for my own amusement: SH 1 OST is the most requested item. I don't recall this being all that rare when it came out. I'm hoping some of you can explain everyone's obsession with this (aside from the fact that it's an awesome CD). Following SH 1 is PE ... this I can understand, the nice casing and fancy insert and obi ... and great music. Too bad PE2 was crap (never played it though). After that SH2 takes third place. I've got to give this a listen as I don't remember much.

Made me wish I had ebay'd it! big_smile

Boyblunder May 9, 2010

Replied to your email, I hope you work on a first come, first serve basis ^^

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