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James O Jul 21, 2011

We're also not getting Phoenix VS Layton either right?  sad  I remember reading that somewhere...

Amazingu Jul 21, 2011

James O wrote:

We're also not getting Phoenix VS Layton either right?  sad  I remember reading that somewhere...

Seems like it's awfully early to comment on that.

SonicPanda Jul 21, 2011

XLord007 wrote:

Capcom Europe (full of class as always) says it's the fans' fault that MML3 got canned

Well of course they did. Capcom saw DMC4 as a failure despite its being the fastest in the series to reach 2 million+ sales, simply because they saw no reason it shouldn't have performed past even that. So that part where they're rebooting the series with a heretofore-unsuccessful dev with a widely-reviled redesign and mechanical overhaul? That's because the fans didn't meet their expectations.
Ghost Trick and Okamiden sales not up to snuff? Not because they barely raised awareness of them in a dense fog of MvC3 hype, or played with the release dates or anything. The fans just couldn't get their act together. I guess they don't care about Takumi's or Eshiro's output anymore.
And Megaman, so disappointing. All they asked was for a small-but-dedicated fanbase to maybe double their size and spend every waking moment doing their marketing for them to keep the project alive, and they just didn't wish hard enough. Especially in the West, where even though ZX Advent, MM9 and MM10 all sold better than in Japan, Capcom saw little-to-no evidence that we're even fond of the franchise. If we really loved him, we'd have re-tweeted every post, camped by our computers to robotically Like every update on Facebook, bought more merch (by the way, don't forget to buy that Megaman Tribute artbook we're launching this week at Comic-Con! It'll be a huge deciding factor as to whether or not we put him in as UMvC3 DLC, because despite the fact that MMX was far and away the lead Capcom request in that feedback poll we did, what have you done for us lately, really? Love Capcom). What lazy bastards we are, just sitting with our ready money held aside to fill a void that been around for eleven years running. Can't wait until his silver anniversary next year, when they announce a deal with EA and Bungie to reboot the series as a third-person shooter, and replace him and Protoman with Ryu and Frank West. Because they apparently need to be everywhere, at all times.

UGH. OK, I'm done. Sorry. It's funny in retrospect how I thought I'd moved onto Acceptance earlier this afternoon. Good job at keeping the wound septic, Capcom.

XLord007 Jul 21, 2011

Now, that was an EPIC post, my friend (please forgive my use of the internet vernacular).

Today I read that people apparently slammed the hell out of Capcom Europe's twitter over yesterday's comment, others vandalized the wiki for MML3, and still others started false rumors about Capcom security people asking anyone wearing a costume of a Mega Man related character to be thrown out of Comic Con.  That last one really cracked me up.  Can you imagine?

Capcom also said yesterday that UMvC3 is going to be a $40 disc release instead of DLC because of the earthquake.  I'm sure it has nothing to with the fact that UMvC3 is a license to print money and they can make more by restricting it to retail.

XLord007 Jul 21, 2011 (edited Jul 21, 2011)

Amazingu wrote:
James O wrote:

We're also not getting Phoenix VS Layton either right?  sad  I remember reading that somewhere...

Seems like it's awfully early to comment on that.

Although it seems unlikely that this will get a Western release, it would be interesting to see who would publish it.  Level 5 is developing and publishing in Japan, but Nintendo has published all of the Layton games in the West so far.  I know Level 5 has expressed an interest in publishing its own games in the West, but that has yet to happen.  If this came here, who would publish?  Could be Level 5, Nintendo, Capcom, or someone else entirely.  Of course, the game doesn't even have a Japanese release date yet, so let's get through that launch first.

Qui-Gon Joe Jul 22, 2011

God I hope Level 5 is set up in the U.S. for publishing by the time Layton vs. Wright comes out.  It's pretty apparent that we can't depend on EITHER Capcom or Nintendo for guaranteed releases of major titles in the states...

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