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Wanderer Feb 19, 2006

This is just a question for everyone...

Was a rip of this game ever released? I just started playing it (after FINALLY beating the first one) and I find the music quite effective. I know there wasn't an official soundtrack (sadly).

Jon Turner Feb 19, 2006

Whoa, impressive website there.  I wonder if this means we'll be seeing GC Sound Files similar to the SNES SPCS in the near future.  I'd especially love to have a downloadable soundtrack of SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE (a soundtrack that still deserves a release regardless of whatever one thinks of the game.)

-Jon T.

Vaeran Feb 19, 2006

There's an mp3 rip of Super Mario Sunshine floating around on the VGM Hub.  Downloaded it but haven't listened yet, so I can't speak for its quality.

Wanderer Feb 19, 2006

Blast... there's no one seeding the MP2 torrent. Well, it was worth a shot. wink

As for Mario Sunshine, as far as I know, the game doesn't have streamed music so it can't be ripped. It's a shame because the existing rips have lots of sound effects in them.

discoalucard Feb 19, 2006

I want to say the Metroid Database on Classicgaming has a Metroid Prime 2 rip up there...not sure though.

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