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FuryofFrog Mar 5, 2010

Does anyone know what the heck this game is?? I see that its a new RPG from Aksys but it literally came from no where. I want to preorder it for its goodies but I have learned literally nothing about the game other than these facts. Anyone get to play the JPN version? Is it just more cookie cutter JRPG trash or something worth investing 40 bucks into?

Anyone else get the feeling that Aksys wants a piece of that beautiful Atlus pie??

Dais Mar 5, 2010 (edited Mar 5, 2010)

all you have to do is follow the moe:

this tells you probably everything you need to know:

No. The only changes are that the dialog and text will be in English, and that some of the younger characters are a bit older, so that there are no longer implications of a romantic relationship between the 19-year-old protagonist and a 9-year-old girl. For serious.

on the plus side, it's a real-time game like the Tales series, apparently.

SonicPanda Mar 5, 2010 (edited Mar 5, 2010)

Well, that's a letdown. I'd been looking forward to this because I had heard it was from some of the guys who had done Lunar, but that link makes it sound terrible.
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