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oddigy May 9, 2006

In the trailer here.

Little snippets here and there of reprises from original VP music.  My ears are melting with happiness, or something.

Just a month and a half and my Artifact Box will be arriving on my doorstep... or rather, will be held hostage by the USPS until I go in there and pick it up.  Whee~~

oddigy May 11, 2006

Nobody cares. ;_;
Kinda small fry compared to the other crazy E3 news, hm?

VP2: Silmeria OST Vol 1 (1 CD) is currently available for preorder on cdjapan.  Ships 7/12.  I was going to try to order it together with Baten Kaitos 2 OST, but I'm only a couple days away from being able to ship them in the same package, so I'll place the order then.

POPOBOT5000 May 11, 2006

My friend cares a great deal; he always gets excited when I pass along your posts to him. I myself haven't played VP, but the music, that which I've heard anyway, is great.

tri-Ace Super Fan May 11, 2006

I care a great deal too, but since we're both talking about the trailer on GameFAQs, it would be kind of redundant for me to talk about it here too. :P

But regarding the music, I think it sounds terrific, but my boyfriend, who is probably more crazy about Valkyrie Profile, is a little disappointed that it sounds more like a hodge-podge of Star Ocean 3 and Baten Kaitos than Valkyrie Profile, which, I admit, concerns me too.

Of course, that won't stop both of us from enjoying the soundtrack immensely and buying all the albums related to it, hehe.

Wanderer May 23, 2006

Honestly, there's simply too many sound effects to get a good listen. It doesn't sound much like VP though. More in the Baten Kaitos mold.

GoldfishX May 23, 2006, boring. It sounds too slow, like one of the VP1 town themes is playing in the background. I doubt it'll have the same effect "Fighting the Shadowy Gods" did. But yeah, it might be the sound effects or a slower part of the music.

But it's not easy watching that and waiting for the chance to use that battle engine.

Wanderer May 23, 2006

To me, it sounded like there was a slower intro and then the music picked up.

I think.

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