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Qui-Gon Joe Feb 6, 2006

Curses!  The new forum doesn't have an automatic thing for making links, so you all get to look at this ugly thing: because I don't know how to do html crap.  Anyway, I've not listened to it yet since I'm at the office at school.  Will listen when I get home.  big_smile

I wish the site had more on the actual game, but I'm sure that's forthcoming.

Dais Feb 6, 2006

Hm. Mother 3 "Theme of Love".

Eh, I dunno. I can't really be enthused about this, especially not knowing if that's how it will sound in-game, or if the rest of the game's music will be anything like that.

I really want to know if it will still use that wonderful classical piano song for battles - it'd probably be the most interesting RPG regular battle theme since Mori's great work on Gokinjo Bouken Tai.

Kirin Lemon Feb 6, 2006

Blast it all, despite several attempts, my download won't even finish.  Anybody that got the whole thing care to mirror it?

SonicPanda Feb 7, 2006

So, this'll be the traditional '8 Melodies' piece, then?

Not bad, but the Earthbound one was catchier.

Nekobo Feb 7, 2006

Hope they produce an arranged album. I still listen to the original Mother arrangement album from years ago. Any word on who is doing the music?

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