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PeteV Apr 29, 2006

In case anyone was concerned that Sakuraba hasn't been getting enough work this year, another new project has been announced.  It's called "Tenshou Gakuen Gekkouroku," and it's a sequel to a PS2 strategy/RPG from 2004 (Sakuraba did not compose the first game).  It comes out this fall from Asmik Ace.

clownb Apr 30, 2006

with the release of tales of the abyss (which was just confirmed for a US release in autumn, yay!!), baten kaitos 2, and valkyrie profile 2, i was in no way concerned Sakuraba was not getting enough work this year, but i am always pleased to learn there is yet more on the horizon for the virtuoso master of ultimate composition.  i hereby thank you for this firsthand information, friend!

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