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ASR Feb 8, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I am on a determined hunt for a specific Japanese Video Game Soundtrack. I need to find it, or regret having lost it for the rest of my life. I do not remember the album name, but I have several fragmented memories of it. So here we go,

Album Cover:
     Orange, definitely orange. A fantasy-like backdrop, either clouds, ocean, or just colors.
     No characters, or anything else on the cover.

Style of Music:
     Mostly instrumental. Minor vocals perhaps, if any, they would be chanting.
     High Fantasy, feeling very Nobuo Uematsu in many regards.
     Good quality. Did not sound too old. Definitely 21st century. Most likely 2010+.

     Japanese videogame.
     Has English Wikipedia page. (But cannot remember the name of the game.)
     I remember reading the Wikipedia page, which told me it was a game that had nearly cult status, and which really was a one-hit-wonder. It had a sequel that either sold poorly, or was scrapped.
     Soundtrack was more notable than videogame, according to Wikipedia.

Last Accessed:
     Originally found on PlayStation Music.
     Later found on Spotify.

Soundtrack Names?
     The following words ring a bell:  [Gate] [World] [Light] [Heaven]
     Gate to heaven?
     World of Light?
     Gate to Another World.
     (Something Like That)

Composer Name?
     Definitely Japanese.
     Most likely Last Name begins with a "Y" and last name begins with a "M" (Probably) (Could be reversed)

Sorry I am so little to offer as far as information. The album cover is instantly recognizable, and I have been searching for days to find it. I will be eternally in your debt in you can help me find it. It would be a miracle.

ASR Feb 8, 2016

After Searching For Days, I have found it!

Thanks to the amazing help of the website: Colorhits! (Which allows you to search albums by color)

So, I will share my new discovery, with you!

Album Name:      Sailing to the World
Artist:                    Yasunori Mitsuda
Videogame:          The Seventh Seal: Resurrection of the Dark Lord (Taiwanese) (Of all things!!)

Alley Feb 8, 2016 (edited Feb 8, 2016)

The moment I read your notes I figured that the cover was colorful. And I had the strange feeling that what you were looking for must be either from Yasunori Mistuda or Motoi Sakuraba. I'm glad it was one of them!

Amazingu Feb 8, 2016

Before seeing the answer, I was guessing Xenogears.
Wasn't too far off, I think wink

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