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Datschge Aug 2, 2007

jb wrote:

Need more stuff like SD2 instead of SOM+ ;/

I disagree completely.

GoldfishX Aug 2, 2007 (edited Aug 2, 2007)

I like SD3 and Soukaigi equally (SD3 just has more tracks I like...which is kind of unfair, but oh well) and SD2 and Lost Files is fine too. I'm not picky when it comes to Kikuta.

Carl Aug 3, 2007

clownb wrote:

skeptical, but can not resist ordering this one!

Exactly, there's a high probability that there is gonna be some awesome tunes out of the ~35 tracks, so why not go for it?!

Any Kikuta material is like a 80%Win-to-20%Loss ratio of Risk assessment, which is pretty much a solid bet in my book.

Bernhardt Aug 3, 2007 (edited Aug 3, 2007)

I thought the synth on SD3 wasn't as good as in SD2. I still like SD3 of course, just not as much as SD2. Dawn of Mana is okay, but Kikuta still needs to return to SD. I wonder how much better a modern SD score by Kikuta would sound, given availability of better synth, or of live instruments, for that matter?

Never got into Koudelka or Soukaigi...

Lost Files was just kind of an "ehh" for me. Already had SoM +.

XLord007 Aug 5, 2007

Bernhardt wrote:

Kikuta still needs to return to SD.

That'd be nice, but I'd settle for Kikuta just coming back into the fold so his works can be published by major labels and be readily available instead of being promo discs for hentai PC ganes.

jeriaska Aug 5, 2007

Shouldn't be too long before the Concerto Gate soundtrack is released.  It looks as if all of his albums will be published by Norstrilia.

clownb Aug 6, 2007

Carl wrote:

Exactly, there's a high probability that there is gonna be some awesome tunes out of the ~35 tracks, so why not go for it?!

Any Kikuta material is like a 80%Win-to-20%Loss ratio of Risk assessment, which is pretty much a solid bet in my book.

well, considering Lost Files is still in stock, i have decided to take the chance on Alphabet Planet still being available once Concerto Gate is released in order to lessen the blow of international shipping rates.

Vaeran Aug 15, 2007

Copied from my post at Gamingforce:

Anyway, I received my copy of Alphabet Planet today and... I'm not exactly impressed. :/

I honestly barely made it through the first disc (and actually had to skip most of the earsplitting "Uriah Heep", track 9); it's almost entirely made up of sugary sweet "town"-ish themes, which I don't mind in small doses or when they're done well, but this just felt like getting hammered with 17 tracks of brainless gee-whiz happiness. Clearly Mr. Kikuta is at a place in his life where he's feeling really good about things, and that's great, but I wish he'd dial it down a notch when he steps over to the keyboard. Coaster.

The second disc thankfully does steer away from Happy Happy Land a little, but I'm still not hearing anything particularly memorable or impressive here. This frustrates me, because I felt like Kikuta's style had really evolved and matured by the time Soukaigi and Koudelka came around, but this just feels like a huge step backwards for him.

I was willing to excuse some of Lost Files' unevenness, because it was made clear to us that that was just Kikuta sweeping up whatever was left on the cutting room floor. But Alphabet Planet is supposed to be new, fresh work? Nope. Doesn't cut it. I'll listen to Lost Files ten times (and Soukaigi fifty) before I come back to Alphabet Planet again.

Zane Aug 15, 2007

I downloaded a rip of Alphabet Planet today to check out before buying, and I'm really glad I did; it saved me a few bucks. I agree with Vaeran on pretty much all accounts. Disc 1 is way (way way) too happy and "sugary sweet" for me, and Disc 2 has a lot of tracks that sound the same (it sounds like tracks 2-5 all have almost the same drum beat from the get-go). There were some cool tracks on D2, but nothing that would make me want to pick this album up at all. Like Lost Files, I'm going to file this one under D for Disappointment.

madara Aug 31, 2007

I'm tempted to import this but it sounds rather mediocre so far. Any site out there have few seconds of samples? Its been years since I imported I would rather get AAA product.

Bernhardt Sep 12, 2007

Don't know about any of you (actually I do), but I find this to be pretty peppy and enduring; that should be expected, I don't think Kikuta was ever an emo composer. Know what? Think I want my copy of Lost Files back, at that!

jeriaska Sep 13, 2007 (edited Sep 13, 2007)

I'm getting a lot of play out of this soundtrack, especially 4℃, T, 2nd Variety, and Zeal.  Considering it's a limited edition fan project produced for an anime convention, seems to me there's some good stuff in Alphabet.

jeriaska Sep 13, 2007 (edited Sep 13, 2007)

As far as I know, Alphabet Planet isn't attached to a game or anime product, so my impression is that fans of Kikuta's music are the ones supporting the sales of this album.  "Project for fans" would be a better way to put it. 

I'd consider myself a fan of Kikuta's music and I'm liking how the album resonates with earlier work like Seiken Densestu 2 & 3.  While it doesn't have incredible production values, like Bernhardt I think a lot of these tracks will be enduring. 

I'm also impressed by the tenacity it takes for a musician to create an independent label and see the project through the way he has.  He's put out, what, five discs on Norstrilia?  And I believe Concerto should make six.  If what shows up when you visit Angel's Fear is any indication, there appears to be more in the works.

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