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PeteV Jun 15, 2009 (edited Jun 16, 2009)

I'm selling about 26 albums/singles over at VGMdb and may add more in the future.    Most soundtracks do not include obi's.  E-mail me at for shipping costs.  If you buy three or more albums ($10 or higher), I'll give you a $5 CD for free. … userid=649

PeteV Jun 22, 2009

LuxKiller65 wrote:

Hi, is your Namco Volume 8 still available?

Yes, it's still available.

PeteV Jun 25, 2009

Added another 30 albums.  This will be the last update for a while.

Zane Jun 26, 2009

MGS3 OST and Ninja Blade OST for $15 a piece? That is way too good of a deal! Bargain priced Hibino & co., for sure.

allyourbaseare Jul 20, 2009 (edited Jul 20, 2009)

I was debating about getting the dot hack perfect collection.  Any one have something positive to say about the OST?

*edit* Why the hell not?  I'm calling dibs on the dot hack perfect collection, nintendo history sounds: Zelda, and Omega Five OST.  Could I get the  Shikigami no Shiro Nanayoduki Gensokyoku ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK as the bonus?

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