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Pedrith Apr 13, 2017

Let's see.  I would love a Falcom collection with Ys I&II, Oath in Felghana and Ys VI.  As separate games I want Ys IV, VII, and VIII.  I would love a third Chrono game, or at least a remaster of the first two Chrono games.  I would love a remaster of The Last Story cause it look awesome and I never played it (but own the soundtrack).  I wouldn't mind a few Tales games (ports or new) a port of Human Revolution and Mankind Divided.  As for new, a new Metroid would be cool, as would a new Lufia game.  I'm super looking forward to Project Octopath Traveler and Rime.  I would love a second Soul Blazer game, a third Last Blade fighting game, and I would pay good money to see Vanillaware do a big jrpg.  I think the style would have to be a cross between Dragon's Crown, Soul Blazer and Dragon's Lair.

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