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superfess Nov 25, 2007

Hi guys!
For the first time in Italy the master Nobuo Uematsu has presented a concert of Final Fantasy, performed by the Orchestra "Nuovi eventi Musicali" composed by 74 instruments, a chorus of 33 elements and a vocal soprano.
The execution took place at the " Fortezza da Basso" in Florence in an improvised tend for the occasion.

Check out the site for more info and media!

Someone go to the swedish concert this 4 december?

Cogo Nov 26, 2007

I will attend the Stockholm concert! The one in Italy seemed nice. Great that they performed Tina's Theme and great that there are so many photos from the event.

Carl Nov 26, 2007 (edited Nov 26, 2007)

Good to see that Italy got to finally join in the concert fun.

There a HD video clips at the weblink, so let us know if they intend to make/sell a DVD of the whole show.

superfess Nov 29, 2007

hi carl, I have almost finisched the DVD and HD, there is no permissions for an "UFFICIAL" release...

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