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LiquidAcid Oct 17, 2012

After October being an "up", here comes again a "down"...

Again the preorders go first:
KDDV-00112 | Haruka Shimotsuki Original Fantasy Concert 2012 ~FEL FEARY~ (not strictly soundtrack, I know)
KDSD-00596 | Omoi no Concerto / Haruka Shimotsuki (another Shimotsuki fix)
SQEX-10347 | Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY XII (hoping that Ormond, if he indeed does it, doesn't mess up)

The "interesting" stuff:
N/A | BLACK WOLVES SAGA Original Sound Track plus Drama (supposedly composed by Procyon Studio members)
ANZX-6146 | Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu Uta Koi. Original Soundtrack (more from Procyon!)
PCXG-50181-2 | Shinsekai Yori Original Soundtrack CD1 (my favorite anime this season)

The "bad and the ugly" stuff:
CPCA-10276~9 | BIOHAZARD 6 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (so I heard they converted RE to a rail shooter...)
VPCG-84932 | ANOTHER SOUND OF 009 RE:CYBORG (kawai(iiiii)!!!)
DIFE-1017 | Re:birth colony -Lost azurite- ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK (moe)

More preorders this month, but fewer albums that look interesting. Being a notorious Shimotsuki fanboi I couldn't help but get her latest live DVD and the compilation album.
Concerning the FFXII arrange, I preordered it under the assumption that Ormond is involved at least with the arranging. Might be wrong with this, but I'll just wait and see.

I might also pick up the BLACK WOLVES SAGA album. The samples on the Rejet site sound nice and if the composer information (Tsuchiya and Kameoka, noone else involved) is accurate this could get quite interesting. My only complaint is the inclusion of drama tracks on the album. Oh well...

The Resident Evil album dropped into the "bad and the ugly" list after reading how Capcom nearly stripped all RE-like components from it. Seems like another (SH...) legendary series is slowly dying here.

Like always raise your voice if you think something is missing here. I really only list stuff in my post which interests me and not the albums which I skip anyway, like those from the guy with the hammond organ fixation wink

Truth to be told, I haven't even listened to "the album" from last month yet (Bravely Default). Still waiting for that to arrive. I've also spend some time venturing into drama (score) territory (wrote about it here) and absorbed every microsecond of -History- (KOKIA's 2012 live DVD, watch this mofos!!!).


James O Oct 17, 2012 (edited Oct 17, 2012)

I haven't listened to BDFF either - still haven't gone through the Linked Horizon Luxendarc album yet.  I'd like to do both together soon.  Wasn't a fan of the Luxendarc singles having background noise throughout their entirety... I wonder if the full album is the same.

I've watched 3 eps of Shin Sekai Yori... not sure if I understand the appeal of this show.  I will most likely drop it.  Zetsuen no Tempest is kinda meh for me.  Space Brothers, Hunter X Hunter, and Sword Art Online are all still solid for me.  Magi is a nice addition this quarter, replacing Gundam AGE.

Will be picking up Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII (of course =p ).  Am interested in checking out the Ys: Celceta no Jukai OST.

And even though it's completely superfluous I will be picking up the Final Fantasy Vinyls release, as of course I cannot resist the sheer collectability of it.

LiquidAcid Oct 23, 2012

Porter wrote:

I am just curious why is Re: birth by Barbarian on the Groove in the "bad an ugly" category?

Because I've only defined two categories: The interesting (the good) and the rest (the bad and the ugly). Naming is arbitrary, I could also call them foo and bar.

Porter wrote:

Their last soundtrack Sinclient contains some excellent music.

Your opinion, not necessarily mine.

James O Oct 24, 2012

I wonder if there will be a sheet music book put out for FFXII Piano Collections - I haven't seen one up yet for pre-order.  They usually come out a few weeks after.

LiquidAcid Oct 24, 2012

The samples are certainly not long enough to judge the arrangement, but from what I hear it sounds kinda interesting.

Anyway, if someone wants to fetch the samples for offline purpose:

That's the link to the music files. Replace x by 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 11 (the tracknumbers with samples).

Ramza Oct 25, 2012

James O wrote:

I wonder if there will be a sheet music book put out for FFXII Piano Collections - I haven't seen one up yet for pre-order.  They usually come out a few weeks after.

Indeed, that does seem to be the pattern.

Speaking of which, I was just practicing from some of my piano collection books this week. I'm getting to a point where I'm near memorization on FFIII's Crystal Cave, and I can generally play through the first two songs on NieR Piano without any trouble. My next project to tackle will be "My Home Sweet Home" from FFV (Piano Opera version).

I'm also tempted to try my hand at the XIII book again. Those arrangements are HARD, but Sulyya Springs is manageable. I'd love to be able to do Fang's Theme. But oy, is it a toughie.

Listening to the XII samples, I hope to be able to re-create Penelo's Theme and Near the Water. The former sounds like the FFX arrangement for Rikku, but a little more advanced. The latter is just awesome (I had forgotten how good that song was til I heard the SQChip2 arrangement for it).

Naturpiano Nov 6, 2012

Can't wait to listen to the FFXII Piano arrangement and to hear why it took so long!

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