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Dais Jan 24, 2006 (edited Jan 21, 2009)


An ondo, by the way, is...hell, I don't know. It's kind of hard to pin down a single definition. It's apparently usually used to refer to a Japanese festival song sung primarily by one person but supported by a variety of others. It's sometimes translated as "worksman's song" or "marching song".

The easiest way to tell an ondo is the first few notes - they are basically always the same. The songs themselves also tend to follo the same general pattern. When used in video games, they generally seem to be the credits themes.

So, let's beat titudes for gains!

Madou Monogatari (SNES) - Credits
Robotrek (SNES) - Credits
Super Puyo Puyo (SNES) - "Cast" roll
Hanjuku Hero vs 3D (PS2) - ??? ("Hanjuku Marching Song")
Legend of the Mystical Ninja\Ganbare Goemon (SNES) - Title theme (with an arranged/vocal version on the OST)
Dragon Half (TCD) - who knows?

I know I've heard more...I thought there was one in Ganbare Daiku no Gensan (aka Hammerin' Harry) for SNES, but I guess not.....


GoldfishX Jan 24, 2006

I know of one:

Choi Bonge Ondo (King of Fighters 97 Arranged)

Didn't quite know what to make of it when I first heard it...Still don't.

SonicPanda Jan 24, 2006

Hmm...would the Tutorial song from Taiko Drum Master count?

"Play the Tai~ko...da don ga dan, da don ga dan..."

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