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LiquidAcid Sep 28, 2012 (edited Sep 28, 2012)

September was a bit bleak in terms of album releases for me, but October seems to fare better.

Preorders first:
CPCA-10275 | Okami Goju no Onchou (arrange album to celebrate the PS3 remake)
SQEX-10333~4 | Bravely Default Flying Fairy OST (sort of a blind purchase, but I'm kinda confident that Revo will deliver)

The "interesting" stuff:
GBSC-0003~4 | Binbougami ga! Original Soundtrack & Variety CD (Hamauzu is always appreciated, even if he scores some whacky anime series)
N/A | TRIGGER OF SOL (cover looks ecchi, so this has to be good *g*)
N/A | Tokitowa Soundtrack & Voice Drama (I'm giving Koshiro a second chance after he did so well on MeiQ4)
PCCG-01300 | Oda Nobuna no Yabou -Gekiban Shuu- OST (Takanishi on something _not_ Fairy Tail or Precure, might be good)
N/A | HALO 4 OST (dunno what to think about this choice of new composer, let's just see)
KSLA-0082~3 | circle of fifth (some kind of best-of album by KEY's Shinji Orito, interesting about the new material)

The "hmmm.... might as well add this" stuff:
CPCA-10274 | Biohazard Damnation OST (wait, why is Rei Kondoh here?!)
COCX-37646 | Fuse Teppou Musume no Torimonochou OST (Oshima seems to be back, felt like an eternity)
KDSD-00580 | 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock Arrange Ver.
KDSD-00581 | 25th Anniversary Rockman Techno Arrange Ver. (the only reason these two are here is because of Chiba)
ZMXZ-7875 | Dusk maiden of Amnesia Soundtrack 3 (lost interest in this after listening to Vol. 1)

The Okami arrange album was a natural candiate for preorder. I've been listening to the piano album a few times in the last days and if this one is only half as good then it was already worth the purchase.

Your thoughs on the upcoming albums? Think that something is missing here? Then speak up wink

Ramza Sep 29, 2012


Totally high-fiving you on those preorders. I love the Okami piano album, and BD:FF is going to rock hard.

Some other things of note:

Dust: An Elysian Tail (digital-only) soundtrack goes live on Monday (Oct 1). It is good! It's the latest from Chris Geehan (HyperDuck) and also has a few themes from Alexander Brandon.

Zone of the Enders Remix Edition (GFCA-322) -- this could go either way. A bunch of random Japanese DJs makes me think of Parasite Eve Remix, and I shudder. But hopefully it's good!

GENROH Music Compilation (MDMACD-8) -- Anything published by MDMA probably means the music is by Yuki Sugiura (Heinrich Von Ofterdingen). And I really am a fan of Sugiura's, so I'm hoping this is good!

COZMO ~ZUNTATA 25th Anniversary~ (ZTTL-0072~3) -- If I wasn't broke I'd buy this in a heartbeat.

Shinji Hosoe Works 1 ~ Dragon Spirit (SRIN-1096) -- It's a shame the planned bonus track from virt didn't happen. But this is some classic Hosoe/Namco here and it does have two arrangements at the end, a Yonemitsu track and JeetSingh (from Magical Trick Society).


Red Dragon Original Soundtrack ( ) -- I don't know what Red Dragon is, but it's a new Sakimoto album. Could be good?

GoldfishX Sep 29, 2012

The only albums in that list that I'm even remotely familiar with are the very ones I'm dreading. I'm surprised they don't have samples up yet.

XLord007 Oct 8, 2012

Going to pick up the two Rockman ones, the Okami one, and Bravely Default.

James O Oct 8, 2012

Just Bravely Default for me.  CD Japan should be shipping out soon.

LiquidAcid Oct 12, 2012

Had a listen to some tracks of the Rockman 25th anni versions and my first impression is very positive. Especially fond of the last track on the rock album (RM3 Ending), nice choice for integration of vocals/chanting. Still have to listen a bit more thoroughly...

LiquidAcid Oct 31, 2012

KDSD-00580 | 25th Anniversary Rockman Rock Arrange Ver.
This one turned out to be pretty good. Especially LivestRow kicks -- I hope they do some more stuff in this formation. Save for Sakimoto's track this is a very solid product. Consider getting this (maybe for Christmas).

KDSD-00581 | 25th Anniversary Rockman Techno Arrange Ver.
The only track I could open up to is the stage select medley. Everything else is pretty uninteresting, which is mainly due to my general dislike for technoish / trancish music.

7HZCD12001 | HALO 4 OST
Major failure for this month. Another great music game series killed by inconsiderate change of "composer". *sigh*

I don't know if this is really confirmed as of yet, but the composer for this seems to be GainGauge. I already liked their music for Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari and this here seems to go into the same direction. Definitely an album I would consider getting if there is an official release.

N/A | Tokitowa Soundtrack & Voice Drama
Nice selection of tunes. Especially the two battles themes are amazing. Another potential purchase candidate.

PCCG-01300 | Oda Nobuna no Yabou -Gekiban Shuu- OST
Kinda inconsistent in style. Some track sound like they could come straight from Precure. I'm not sure if I like this...

Bravely Default still hasn't arrived yet. Currenty listening to Bersarin Quartett - II (bought after a recommendation). Dark ambient with a touch of Yamaoka. I think the whole album is available on YT (check out the track "Einsame wandeln still im Sternensaal").

James O Oct 31, 2012

Bravely Default Flying Fairy OST has turned out to be quite good IMO.  couple that with the Linked Horizon album/single and you've got yourself a pair of kickass releases.

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