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Qui-Gon Joe Oct 1, 2017

YES!  I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the music I heard in the demo of the game, especially considering how disappointed I was in Bravely Second's OST.  Composer seems to be a guy named Yasunori Nishiki, whose previous credits include a bunch of games I've maybe heard of but definitely never played and don't really know anything about.  But yeah, lots of good stuff in here, and that second link you posted is definitely pretty freaking awesome!

Pedrith Oct 3, 2017

I really liked what I have heard.  Primrose theme's awesome.  The other themes were really good.  I can't wait to play through the whole game when it comes out.  If the rest of the soundtrack is as good as we got on the demo then I will be importing the soundtrack from japan smile

jb Oct 3, 2017

I like a lot of what I hear here, though I could do with out a lot of the tin whistle stuff.

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