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Ashley Winchester Jun 3, 2016

I'v been working on a write up on Star Gladiator. I know how I feel about these games/OST but I was curious as to how others view them. Here's my take:

Star Gladiator (PS1) Game:
- can see how it never caught on
- still think it's a very well designed game; solid for it's time
- feel it's underrated
- like how it's more like Namco's fighters but it's by Capcom

Star Gladiator OST/Redbook
- feel the game is worth owning, the redbook audio is just a nice bonus
- the arcade audio is only outdone by the redbook on a few specific tracks
- rather underrated score IMO
- would suggest buying game for redbook over arcade OST

Star Gladiator 2/Plasma Sword Game
- was really let down with this game to be honest
- the first game was good for it's time, Plasma Sword doesn't fall into the same category IMO
- was really disappointed how the Namco-esque gameplay was stripped away to make game more Capcomy
- hate every new character they added to the roster; feels like they didn't even try

Star Gladiator 2/Plasma Sword OST
- feel the main theme "Illusion of Peace" is awesome
- I can see what they're aiming for with this OST but I don't think it pans out
- OST maybe be more homogeneous than original, but original has more character IMO
- I think my disappointment with the game may have affected my opinion of the music; I have a copy of the OST on the way, may think differently if I separate it from game.

Anyway, sorry to prattle on. I like the first game a lot but it's easy to see why it never caught on. Still, I think it's an insanely interesting game. I thought the sequel stripped everything out of the experience that was worthwhile though.

Ashley Winchester Jun 8, 2016

Curious question about SG2 credits. In the game's credit roll TAKAYUKI IWAI is credited as the "Main Music Composer" and TETSUYA SHIBATA is credited as the "Sub Music Composer" Does that mean Iwai did the stage themes and Shibata did the butt load of ending themes? This would make since because those two subsections of music are pretty different.

I'd ask over at VGMDB but my account has been borked for years. I did open a g-mail account recently, maybe I should create a new accounting using that address.

Ashley Winchester Jun 13, 2016

Wow. I got a surprise when I got the Star Gladiator OST today! The liner notes reveal who wrote what!

I think we all knew Takehara wrote "Stage 6" but she also wrote "Stage 9" which is another of my favorites. Zelkin and Gore's themes are incredible.

I should have known Abe wrote "Stage 1" though, that beat should have been a dead giveaway.

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