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Idolores Jan 22, 2018 (edited Feb 6, 2018)

Hey, boys and girls.

Sale time. My car needs insurance, and I'm a bit short. So here's what I have. As expected, these are all legitimate products, and unless otherwise described, assume there's some shelf wear. I'll be posting this list on VGMdb as well. Prices are in CAN, and I can supply photos at your request.

Baroque (CIB) - $40
Great condition overall, save for the jewel case, which has minor shelf wear. Disc and obi are flawless.

Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Cybernet Rhapsody (CIB) - $15
Beautiful shape, disc and obi are in wonderful shape. No cracks or visible blemishes on the unique jewel case that this came in.

Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Counterpoint 009A (CIB) - $15
Great shape, disc and obi are in great condition. Minor shelf wear on case.

Einhander (CIB) - $40
This thing is absolutely in stunning shape. Digicube print. Not a blemish to be seen.

Final Fantasy VI (CIB) - $30
Polystar printing. Moderate wear on slipcase and on the outer manual. Discs are flawless, however.

Final Fantasy VIII (CIB) - $25
Fair shape. Moderate shelf wear on outer sleeve, minor wear on case. Discs have minor blemishes that do not affect playback. Digicube printing.

Final Fantasy X (CIB) - $25
Minor shelf wear on slipcase, discs are all spotless, save for disc 3, which has minor blemishes that do not affect playback. Digicube printing.

Grim Grimoire (CIB) - $15
American pressing, and as such, no obi was included with this. Disc is flawless. Moderate shelf wear on jewel case.

Kinema in the Hole (CIB) - $15
Great condition, save for very minor blemishes on the disc that do not affect playback and one on the obi.

Myth: Xenogears Orchestral (CIB) - $50
Nearly flawless condition. Complete with everything.

Nights into Dreams (CIB) - $40
1996 Polygram printing. Minor shelf wear, but disc is pristine.

Ridge Racer Type 4 (CIB) - $15
Minor shelf wear on jewel case, and on disc that doesn't affect playback.

Ridge Racer 6 - (CIB) $20
Minor shelf wear all around, very slight blemishes on discs that do not affect playback.

Rockman 9 - (CIB) $15
Minor shelf wear all around, tiny blemishes on disc that do not affect playback.

Rockman Zero Physis - (CIB) - $30
Nearly flawless shape, only blemish is a slight warp running up the spine. Other than that, absolutely beautiful condition.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World - (CIB) $15
Very minor shelf wear on case, slight blemishes on disc 1 that do no affect playback. Great shape otherwise.

VM Japan - (CIB) $15
Minor shelf wear on case, but obi, booklet and discs are in beautiful shape.

Xenosaga - (CIB) $20
OST for the first Xenosaga, Digicube pressing. Absolutely beautiful shape. Disc 2 has very slight blemishes, but plays fine.

Thanks, everyone. I love you all.

- Idolores

stingray2501 Feb 5, 2018

Just wanted to say I just purchased and received the following from Idolores:

Deep Fear (CIB) - $25
Nights: Journey of Dreams - (CIB) $20
Secret of Evermore - (CIB) - $30

All were exactly as described, and were shipped quickly and safely. Buy with confidence, highly recommended!

Zane Feb 6, 2018

I didn't purchase anything from this particular sale, but I've done business with Idolores in the past and everything has always been tip top. My favorite transaction was when I purchased a copy of Shadow Hearts OST+1 from him a few years back, and it turns out that it was the original copy I sold to him forever ago! (And was in the same exact great shape it was when I first shipped it out.)

Just throwing my recommendation and positive feedback here. Good luck with the sale!

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