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layzee Sep 2, 2017 (edited Sep 2, 2017)

I don't know about you but I find out of tune music hilarious. I believe the proper term is "discord" AKA music that lacks "harmony" AKA "music" that is painful to listen to.

The biggest example I can think of is Robo-Ky's theme from Guilty Gear XX, which is the discord version of Ky's theme (Holy Orders ~Be Just Or Be Dead~).

The only other example I have at the moment is Lunar Legend's "Blue Dragon's Song" (starts at 25:37) and its discord version (2:07:34). What the hell am I listening to.

Minor examples include Final Fantasy V's Piano Lesson side quest. In particular, the failed last note of Piano Lesson #5 never fails to bring a smile to my face. So close yet so far.

What is NOT suitable for this thread: e.g. Bare Knuckle 3's/Street of Rage 3's music. Sure, it's experimental and most people have a love/hate mentality to it, but the overall soundtrack was intended to sound good (and it mostly does). I'm only interested in music that was intended to sound bad.

Actually scratch that, I forgot about the four untitled "BGM" tracks from BK3. They're probably unnamed for a reason. Subjectivity aside, the rest of the music at the very least, have decent beats. I'm pretty sure Story of Thor/Beyond Oasis (also by Yuzo Koshiro) is also a candidate for the thread. For an action-RPG, the soundtrack has a severe sense of dread/uneasiness.

More to come if I come across them.

layzee Sep 2, 2017 (edited Sep 2, 2017)

I had a few tracks from Final Fantasy IX in mind but they lean more towards "musical" than "random" so I'll leave them out.

Rrolack wrote:

Does this one from Bonk's Revenge fit the bill?

Yes it does. I like (i.e. don't like) the "beep beep" at the end. It's as if the composer is saying "Yeah, I know. Sorry for making your ears bleed".

Razakin wrote:

And what about theme for the Haud Village in Suikoden V?

I haven't played the game but if the context is a tropical town of some sort, then an interesting choice. I know I'd be more relaxed listening to this similarly tropically song (Romancing Saga 3 - The Great Arch)

Razakin wrote:

Also, Asian Postbreath from Street Fighter vs Street Musician might fit the bill.

The drumming and Indian instrument was musical at the beginning but they went downhill fast. I guess this type of sax shredding is obviously very common - I can think of a movie that where the main character plays in a similar way.

layzee Sep 5, 2017 (edited Sep 5, 2017)

This song should be relevant to topic: The Legend of Zelda - Fortune-Telling House.

When I think of context-suitable Fortune Telling music, I think of the one from Tenchi Souzou/Terranigma. You can almost hear the sound of the fortune teller's crystal ball and other arcane trinkets in the music.

But what is Kouji Kondo trying to communicate with his Zelda tune? I have no f-ing idea. But I like it, somehow.

Amazingu wrote:

I've always liked the effect that kicks in when touching one of the Fuzzies in Yoshi's Island's Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy stage:

That's definitely a good one. A classic. My favourite one in this thread so far. I love the voice-like "Ooooooh, oh. Oh. Oh. Oh." (I think it's a sound effect elsewhere but I forgot what it's used for).

Amazingu wrote:

Also, does this abomination count?

Sure. But I guess this sort of abominable "music" would be more easily found in horror games so I personally will be ignoring horror games for the purposes of this thread.

longhairmike Sep 7, 2017

the zelda fortune telling music is just in whole-tone (as opposed to major or minor keys which have a combination of half and whole steps)

layzee Nov 4, 2017

I just remembered one of the best, if not the best out-of-tune game music of all time: Square Enix's Nanashi no Game main theme and its many and increasingly corrupted variations. If "Nanashi no Theme" was a human body, then its out-of-tune versions are its corpse in various states of decay and rot. Love it.

layzee Dec 29, 2017

Rrolack wrote:

A tune from Samsara Naga 2 for your consideration: link

Sounds like something is stuck in someone's flute and then at 0:13, the player is trying to blow it out in quick bursts.

Keep 'em comin'.

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