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Nikos Apr 16, 2007

I'm a bit of a parasite eve II fan and I was wondering if anyone ever completed nightmare mode with out cheats, or how far did you get if you didn't do nighmare.

Ashley Winchester Apr 16, 2007

My one friend played this game hard-core when it came out... I'm not sure which modes he cleared but I know he was doing bounty mode like crazy trying to get the gunblade. He was pretty close but he gave up, probably out of sheer boredom... Not saying the game is boring but I think you can only play any game so long before you eyeballs implode O_O

I never played the second one myself, I have the first one and beat it once years ago but then got stuck every other time I played it when you get to day 4, I just really suck at it. I wish I could really find a copy of the PE score for sale though, I want that puppy in my collection.

Nikos Apr 16, 2007

Well I beat bounty mode and If I remember I done survivor mode, I think. Anyway I had the time because I was in 6th year at school (Is that 10th grade in America). I didn't get any mega special weapons

The game had some awesome reply value, the best I've ever seen in a game.

good luck PE soundtrack hunting

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