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Adam Corn Dec 4, 2017

Now that 2017 is drawing to a close let's hear everyone's favorite video game soundtrack from the year. Any new game music album released in 2017 is eligible - physical, digital, OST, official arrange, or fan arranged album.

For those of you who don't have a set-in-stone ranking for the year (there are a few weeks left to go after all), I encourage you to go ahead and throw out some early favorites so other readers can have a chance to check them out and perhaps add them to their own lists. Looking forward to hearing what comes out!

Results will be tallied January 4, 2018.

Adam Corn Dec 4, 2017

LOTS of catching up to do for the year but here's a very early shortlist of my own favorites.

- The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Concert
- Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Original Soundtrack
- Distant Worlds IV: More Music from Final Fantasy
- Horizon Zero Dawn Original Soundtrack

Amazingu Dec 4, 2017

Only 3 real standouts for me this year, but they're all great:

1. NieR:Automata

I'm including the extra 8-bit CD in this as well, since it's part of the game's soundtrack.
What should I even say? It's NieR!
If you've played the original, you know the music is amazing, and this is every bit a worthy successor.

2. Persona 5

Another no-brainer.
You know you're getting quality music with Persona, and I love that Meguro went for a slightly more jazzy style instead of the usual J-pop. The new singer (sorry, I forget her name) has a much nicer voice and better English pronunciation too, so that's also a nice plus.

3. Flinthook

AKA the most underrated game of the year.
Maybe I got hooked (teehee) on the soundtrack because I loved the game so much, because it's fairly standard retro-styled chiptune stuff, but it found its way into my regular rotation somehow.
More than anything, I just want more people to be aware of this game. It rocks!

The_Paladin Dec 8, 2017

Definitely agree with NieR Automata and Persona 5.  I'll add in Bravewave's releases for Ninja Gaiden 1~3 and Pyre.  I know I'm forgetting stuff so probably need to edit later...

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