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XISMZERO Feb 26, 2018

For reasons unknown, looks like two of the infamously expensive Pony Canyon "Nintendo Sound Series" discs are going for pretty wild prices on YJA!

Mario Kart 64 | currently going for 27,778 yen

Diddy Kong Racing | currently going for 25,000 yen

Astonishingly, DKR is in rough shape. Both have no obis or stickers based on what we can see in the pictures.

As it goes now, I believe these are the rarest, most sought after of the "series" with Zelda OOT being the least sought. If I ever see a Banjo-Kazooie, I'd estimate that one would be the rarest.

Rrolack Feb 26, 2018

Those prices don’t seem too crazy honestly.  Diddy Kong looks pretty beat up, but some bidders may have a tough time noticing given YJA’s notoriously blurry pictures.

I do think Diddy Kong is the most valuable album in this series.  That’s the one which suruga-ya will pay you the most for.

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