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niki Oct 30, 2006

First off, I'm very impressed with the sound quality. Really nice job there. smile

1. MGS main theme. Is this actually different than the game orchestral version? I rather listen to Virt's version of this. =p

2.  Puzzle Medley. hehe, that one was nice. Too bad they didnt play Column's theme entirely.

3.  Popolocrois. Very nice. It was long enough and they did all the themes I wanted to hear. SS will love that.

4.  Mother Medley. I think most of it was from Mother 1 which I am not so familiar with. Still a nice listen.

5.  Outrun. I wish they kept to symphonic only and didnt add the electric guitar in there. Also, they could have medled the 3 themes easily. Meh ~

6.  Anubis. Don't know the original music, and I found the whole thing quite messy. May be the recording. =/

7.  Ys Medley. Aaaah. This is good. Sounds like they actually asked Kentaro Haneda for his arrangement cheets at times, but hey, I'm not sure anyone could ever do better. Bad point: too short !

8.  Romancing Saga. Eventhough I'm a huge SaGa music fan, I never liked that Minstrel Song intro. But getting the main Romancing SaGa main theme live made up a thousand times for it. Hearing the orchestral version of this on the OST back then was already a 10 years fantasy coming true, so I can't imagine how I would have felt if I actually attended the concert. *goosebumps overdose*

9.  Monster Hunter. Don't know any of that. Nice listen though. Definitely going to check on the original tunes.

10.  Ico. Couldnt go through that one ... ;_;

11.  Namco medley. Didnt recognize much of it. Was still shaking my head left and right through the whole thing. Shows the power of early arcade catchy melodies. =p

12.  Zelda medley. haha, that was awesome. re-Awoken my hopes for orchestral Zelda goodness as well. Though what I'd *really* like would be a Link to the Past themed album... (also: *quietly strangles the coughing guy in the background*)

13.  Final Fantasy theme. Classic. <3

14.  Smash Bros. Brawl. Nice version, and a nice way to end the concert.

Out of all the recent VGM concerts taking place all around the world lately, I think that's the one I would have enjoyed the most. Let's  hope they do that again sometimes and actually release CDs of it.

Thanks again for the recording guys. smile

Crystal Oct 31, 2006 (edited Aug 25, 2008)

[Oh, speaking of the Puzzle Medley again, maybe someone can identify which game this part is from, from 4:47 through 5:28.  Beautiful stuff!]

I found out just now.

BPS-Tetris's TechnoTris

[Also, what is that last song in the Puzzle Medley?  It begins at 5:45 and is very lovely and so familiar.  I know I've heard it before...]

<BPS>Tetris's Troika

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