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Ashley Winchester May 6, 2017

This may seem silly but I have a question about the Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Game Soundtrack and I was wondering if anyone out there owned this one.

I've written in topics before how I somewhat like Toshinden. Not so much as a game; I like the characters (well, those prior to 3) even though they are cardboard cutouts and the music is probably the element that has aged the best. Hell, the redbook audio is the only reason I own the first game.

Anyway, can anyone tell me is the audio on the BAT2 soundtrack the same as the PS1 redbook audio or is it from the ZN-1 arcade board (a la Star Gladiator)? I had this album years ago but I can't remember; I think it's the same as the redbook because if it wasn't it probably would have stuck in my head as I wouldn't have liked the difference, but I can't retrace those memories very well.

Can anyone out there help me out?

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